BOOK REVIEW: The Champagne Life

By   |   September 7, 2011   |   Entertainment

The DivaGals kick off our Book section with a review of the incredibly fashionable read The Champagne Life: The Incredibly True Story Of The World Famous by DJ K-Luv, by our newest contributor Nicole Harmon.

Kobie Randolph lives a champagne life. The businessman and entrepreneur created the motto in his last year of high school, since he was determined not to be poor as an adult. Now he’s chronicled how he achieved all his dreams and beyond in this autobiographical/how-to book.

Kobie, who grew up in Nashville, Tenn., first created First Klass Entertainment while a sophomore in college. As his career moved on, he became the mastermind behind Fly First Klass Marketing Group, a growing company he worked as well while he was in college. Under its banner, Kobie changed the party experience for those living in Nashville. First Klass introduced bottle service with valet service and red carpet at its venues, and people looked forward to going to parties in an area where they hadnΓÇÖt before. Kobie won Kristyle and Black Diamond Awards for his efforts, as well helping those events and companies grow to fruition and stay in the black.

Despite his success, Kobie grew tired of his career and wanted something new in his life. He had met famous personalities like Tatiana Ali, Beyonce, Black Rob, Jada Pinkett Smith and Terrence Howard, as well as a host of others. He decided to leave it all and become a personality known as DJ K-Luv. Now he is the owner of a nightclub called Rain Ultra Lounge which opened its doors in Nashville in 2010. By the age of 22, Kobie had accomplished his dream of becoming a person to be reckoned with in todayΓÇÖs society, and doing what he loves best.

Here are three of my fave tips from the book on how to build a successful business and a champagne life:

1. Treat your business like you treat your women. If you treat her with care and respect, will always keep you happy. Kobie sees his business dealings this way. If he shows the people he works with respect and care then he will get the same back. For a young man to become owner of a nightclub by the age of 20, he did exactly that.

2. Never leave your relationships in the hands of someone who did not build them. This is true for so many different reasons. Kobe shows whom he met and how he met them in the book, people who offered him tickets to awards shows based on meeting him at a party and because he was a nice guy. He was the one they dealt with directly unless he had to send another person to do it. That also goes with respect. He always gave a face-to-face meeting so his potential clients knew who he was.

3. Trust in your instincts and in your own ideology of what you represent, and then find like minded people who will help you build that idea. This should be something that we all do in our lives. When we find what works for us then we go with it, we live with it, learn from it, and then our business grows.

Fellow DivaGals, this is a good read. Pick up your own copy at Print and E-book versions are available.

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