Boss Haircare Tips For Brown Gals!

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Sister Divas! Taking care of our hair is serious business. In an age where hair care products have so many long-named ingredients, we can get a bit lost in it all. And many products donΓÇÖt always do what we need it to do for our hair: deal with dryness, and loss of length, and if you’ve ever had your braids or weaves in too tight you may have found yourself googling hair loss products for females (but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered on that, keep reading!).

When it comes to our hair, special treatment is needed. Here are a few ways to have the healthiest hair on the planet.

Feed Your Hair. Do you have naturally thirsty hair? Then you might need to add that extra layer of goodness and all you have to do is head to the kitchen! Avocado is super tasty but can work its magic on your hair too. Remove the pit and mash the insides with some olive oil. Apply that to your freshly washed strands and leave it on for a while, up to an hour. Wash it out and yes, honey, hair good enough to eat. OK, we kid, but doing this will infuse your hair with a big dose of vitamins and essential fatty acids to keep those shafts swole and increase sheen and shine.

Much like the avocado hair mask, there are a few other foodie treats that can condition your hair in a single treatment (use these regularly and generously!).

  • Condensed milk. Slather this sweet thick substance in your hair and wash out as you would with your regular conditioner. The protein can improve shine and life in your tresses.
  • Mayonnaise. Leave this on for up to an hour to really work itΓÇÖs magic and then rinse out. Your hair will be super soft and shiny afterward.
  • Eggs have a protein that helps to strengthen up your hair. If you are prone to breakages, then whisk up a single egg with your regular shampoo and leave for five minutes.

Tame Frizz. There is little more annoying than having a gorgeous hairstyle and having your crown refusing to stay down. Try our trick: mix sandalwood oil with a few drops of olive oil or jojoba oil and rub it gingerly over your unruly strands for instant sleekness and smoothness. This little mixture also works wonders on split ends and leaves your hair smelling and feeling fantastic. You can pop this mixture into a travel sized spray bottle to carry with you on the go.

Slay Those Edges. You’re always on the search for the perfect edge control, and then wonder what the heck they put in there to keep your edges laid. If you want to take out the guesswork and aren’t afraid of some DIY, has a great recipe for making your own edge control.

Ditch The Heat. We all know that heat is bad for our fragile, moisture-starved strands. If you can air-dry your hair, that’s ideal. But if you can’t, try towel drying it 50 percent and then sit under a hooded dryer if you have the time. But if this is a serious hair-dryer situation, make sure to add a leave-in protectant to the hair and use protective heat spray on the lowest heat setting you can use and still achieve your desired effect. A diffuser is perfect for maintaining your natural coils and curls while drying, while a comb attachment is helpful if your working to get your strands straighter.

Just a few last tips. Putting your hair in supertight hair buns, braids and bands can add excess stress on the strands of your hair and cause of traction alopecia. Read how our own fearless EIC dealt with this issue.┬á And of course, to protect curls, maintain moisture and just feel fabulous, invest in silk or satin pillowcases for a good night’s rest.


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