Bring Some Sparkle Back To Your Relationship!

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Divas, we’ve all been there. You’ve been together for a while and that shine has started to come off the relationship. That newness that fuels the passion in the beginning just isn’t there anymore. Neither of you is putting in quite as much effort as you used to — both in the bedroom and out of it. It’s all starting to feel a bit routine and, dare we say it, boring. So what can you do to put the spark back into your relationship?

Those who have studied these things have found that one of the best-kept secrets to those couples’ relationships where the flame never dies is trying new experiences together. You grow as a couple and learn new things about each other. You begin to value the importance of spending quality time together again. You remember what it was that sparked that initial attraction, and science says that sharing new experiences together actually creates bonds that means we’re less likely to part. 

So, what kinds of things could you try to that are guaranteed to put the sparkle and shine back in your relationship in no time? We’ve got a few suggestions below!

Do Something That Scares You
There’s that old adage that you should do one thing, every day, that scares you. Well, if you want your relationship to really fizz, you should do one thing, every day, that scares the both of you, together. Well, maybe not every day, but once in a while, certainly. You want to find something that gets your hearts racing and kicks your adrenal glands into overdrive. Why does this cause bonding? Well, there’s a direct correlation between the stimulation of your central nervous system and sexual arousal. That means that the same things that excite you are pretty much guaranteed to excite you.  

So, give the romantic candlelit dinners and movie nights a miss if you’re looking to reignite that spark, and swap them for abseiling, sky-diving, and basically anything that gets your blood pumping.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Now it doesn’t have to be a life-or-death kind of activity to get your heart racing. When you first met, if your connection was a good one, you’d had that whole cocktail of chemicals swimming around inside your body. You can recreate this potent cocktail by doing something novel that you both want to do. That could be traveling to a country you’ve both always wanted to go, checking out a new nightclub, or taking up a new class, sport or skill. The importance is the newness of it, and the fact you are doing it together. 

Try A Couple’s Massage
Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, strengthening your relationship or just wanting to try something exciting and fun with your significant other, a couples massage can be a great place to reconnect.  The feeling of relaxation that you experience during a massage is a result of tension being relieved from your muscles. But it is not just your muscles that make you feel good; your brain is at work too. Each time you indulge in an activity which makes you relaxed, your brain releases a chemical known as oxytocin, which is also known as the “cuddle chemical.”  As a result, you experience heightened levels of pleasure, calmness and happiness both on the massage table and also off it.

The key to all of this is communication. Being able to tell your partner how you’re really feeling in the relationship and being able to express your desires about things you’d like to try together, is the first and most crucial step in keeping that spark alive. So get connecting, and then get connecting!

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