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Caribbean Collective Taste Of Pluto Releases Their New Single ‘Scorpio’s Letter’ [Interview]

By   |   June 29, 2020   |   Entertainment

Caribbean hip-hop collective Taste of Pluto have today released their much-anticipated debut “Scorpio’s Letter” via Pretty Boy Worldwide.

“Scorpio’s Letter” immediately captivates listeners in the first few seconds and is an excellent display of their musical talents; witty lyrics, and vocal ability. With each word delicately delivered, lead singer Navy doesn’t shy away from singing about love ready to give, over the J. Ellis production.

The talented trio stars Navy from the nature isle of Dominica and Marwin and Tyler from Barbados with ties to Sweden and North America, respectively.

Daring to be authentic, the group whose style isn’t genre-specific pays homage to the legends while building their legacy. Citing inspiration from musical greats such as A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Bob Marley, and more to mention a few, Taste of Pluto uses their music to tackle love, politics, and island life.

“Scorpio’s Letter” arrives just in time for summer and serves as the first of many to come from Taste of Pluto this year; as the collective are set to release their EP in fall as well as singles from their own individual projects.

We caught up with lead singer Navy to discuss the track. Check out our interview with the up and coming diva below!

Since signing your record contract and now putting your first official single out there with the collective, what has been your biggest diva moment?

In that sense, it might be easy because I had to make the transition from my last team that I worked with onto Pretty Boy and it wasn’t a very smooth transition because they didn’t like the fact that I was moving on. Even if they knew that Pretty Boy would do better for me. So the last few interviews people asked, “Hey, so what’s up with you’re old team,” and I’m like “What old team?” They gave me a really hard time but we eventually got things legally straight.

There have been so many amazing divas throughout the time. Who are some of your favorite divas?

For sure Aretha Franklin is one because I had to do a tribute with one of her songs for one of my performances back in the day and it was so difficult because the musicians were excellent and I tried to not change the key of the song so much, but eventually I had to because she sounds so high. I loved her songs. We have Tina Turner as well. I love Anita Baker. I love Patti LaBelle. There was this VH1 Diva’s tape that I used to watch with my dad every Sunday. And there was Shania Twain, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston. Who else was there? There were five and every Sunday like clockwork, we would look at the same VCR and I’m like, “one day I will be on that stage. I’m going to become a diva, a good diva but a diva anyway.”

Talk to us about “Scorpio’s Letter” and your inspiration behind the track and how that came together.

“Scorpio’s Letter” is the third single released by Taste of Pluto. Taste of Pluto is the collective that I am a part of for this project. We released the song on June 26. It’s been crazy. The reviews are crazy. The inspiration behind that song was actually what the title states. It was a letter from someone carrying the sign of Scorpio and it was so interesting because it was written in first and the third person like they were speaking for themselves, but also speaking from the perspective of somebody else. So when we got the letter and I got the letter I’m like, “Oh this is interesting,” and I was like “Hey, you know, this is pretty poetic. This could be something that we can roll with.” So we had producers on-site to go into the studio bada bing bada boom, a song is done and there we go.

People interpret music very differently but what do you hope is the general message people take away from when they listened to the track?

Basically just the emotions that you get when you see something or somebody that you would like to have in your life. I’m not sure if it would encourage anybody to pursue or to just really lay back and admire but I think it would. I think I would want them to understand that if you want something, then you go for it. If you figure out that it’s not for you or that is impossible or if you respect whatever situation that you meet that person in, that’s fine. But the lyrics of that song are very military. There’s a line that says “but for you, I’ll be on the front line”. It’s now or never, it’s do or die. I’m willing to fight for this, I’m willing to fight for us. So it’s for anybody. It’s for straight, it’s for LGBT, it’s everything. Whatever you want to be in a relationship go after it, there are no restrictions on the content of my music.

What’s next for you and Taste of Pluto?

That is actually where we’re at. I would say we have a few options that we can easily pick from as for the next single from me and from Taste of Pluto. We completed four projects: two for me and two for Taste of Pluto, so we both have an EP and an album. We already have videos just hanging in there, just waiting to release and drop at whatever time is necessary. So it’s basically just following our intuition and our gut feelings as to what is the next best thing to keep people as interested in us and in me as they are now.

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