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Why Microgreens Have Many Nutrients With Vegan Pop Eats Foodie Angela Yvonne & New York County Farms!

By   |   July 20, 2021

Wanna know where to get locally grown greens in New York City? Vegan Pop Eats food host Angela Yvonne visits New York County Farms to get the skinny on why microgreens have many nutrients and can be added to anything! New York County…

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The Easiest Guide to Sporty & Stylish Fashion – Tips To Create Your Own Look!

By   |   July 15, 2021

We know you want to look sporty and stylish. And while some people just seem to be born with that fashion gene, for most of us, it takes some hard work and a lot of shopping.  Who has time to…

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Picking Out The Best Vegan Perfume. Vegan Pop Eats Foodie Angela Yvonne Creates A Smell Success!

By   |   July 13, 2021

Ready to pick out the best vegan perfume (yes, they do exist!)? Vegan Pop Eats food host Angela Yvonne is at Olfactory on Mott St. in New York City. This one-of-a-kind experience allows you to customize your own vegan scent. You can…

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destination wedding tips for black women

Destination Wedding Fashion and Beauty Tips For Women Of Color!

By   |   July 7, 2021

Hello Divas! Now we know there are many people who still hold their weddings in churches and receptions in traditional halls. But ladies, destination weddings are growing in popularity. In fact, one in every four weddings today is performed in…

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How To Get Smooth For Summer Down There – Bikini Waxing Tips You Need Right Now!

By   |   June 30, 2021

It’s summertime, which means that you want to get smooth for summer — especially down there.  You need to get a bikini waxing so you are ready for summer. But bikini waxes can be traumatizing. They are awkward and can often…

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How To Eat Like You Are In Morocco – Healthy Foods From North Africa

By   |   June 28, 2021

Want to know how to eat like you’re in Morocco, without having to leave your kitchen? Morocco is a north African country with borders on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It has its Arabian culture, which is reflected…

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How To Look Your Best This Fourth Of July With Jill Goldsberry’s Beauty And Style Picks!

By   |   June 23, 2021

Look Your Best for Independence Day! Summer is the best time of year! Think warm sunshine, beach weather and summer parties. It’s time to break out of your shell and let loose! The 4th of July is just over a…

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How To Make Skirt Steak With Esther Yang’s Kitchen – Make This Food Yourself Monday (And Vote Tuesday!)

By   |   June 21, 2021

We’re learning how to make skirt steak today in Esther Yang’s Kitchen. It’s where we can all create fast, tasty food with five ingredients or less. Esther is the amazing executive director of Super Happy Healthy Kids, a non-profit that fights…

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How To Get Your Protein In When You Go Vegan. Vegan Pop Eats Foodie Angela Yvonne Breaks It Down!

By   |   June 15, 2021

Wondering how to get your protein in when you go vegan? Vegan Pop Eats food host Angela Yvonne breaks it down in her latest YouTube installment. Vegan Pop Eats shows that veganism is not about missing out. It’s about getting more! Watch,…

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Three Great Gifts For Black Dads This Father’s Day – DivaGalsDaily’s Hot Picks!

By   |   June 9, 2021

What are three great gifts for black dads this Father’s Day? It’s important to recognize all the great contributions dads make on a daily basis. In this post, DivaGalsDaily shares some great ideas for you. These are three of the…

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