Curvy Widow – Advice For A Sex Life After A Certain Age!

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If you are looking for a fun and interesting night out, Curvy Widow at The WestSide Theater is your ticket to just that.

Upon entering the theater, we were greeted by the author herself Bobby Goldman, who introduced herself and announced, “This show is all about my sluttiness.” From there it just got more and more interesting.

The show is based on her real life adventures of getting back into dating and sex after her husband, the ΓÇ£lateΓÇ¥ James (Jim) Goldman, who wrote such works as The Lion In Winter and White Nights, died after 30 years of marriage. Not knowing what to do, her friends gave her advice — like putting the funeral on her American Express card so she could get mileage points, sleeping alone and consider seeing a shrink.

In the play, our heroine, who is letting go of her past, moves to a new loft and decorates it to the liking of a single woman now living in NYC. She decides to take the advice of her shrink as he writes her a prescription to ΓÇ£get laid,” and to put herself back out there on with the handle Curvy Widow. Immediately she gets hits asking to meet her in hopes of finding ΓÇ£real love.” This leads her to believe she will need to purchase condoms for the first time in her life, and a trip to the pharmacy is quite a hysterical one as she never imagined that there were so many choices, sizes, colors and flavors.

Of course, her first date Match doesn’t get the good night affection he was expecting! Our heroine also deals with the feelings of guilt about dating again and thinks she hears her husband talking to her.

The play tackles many subjects we don’t expect women to talk about once past a certain age: sex after menopause, kinky online dating sites, meeting the new man of your dreams and deciding weather start a new life with him or carry on with your independence. You will need to see the show to see what she decides to do in the end.

I enjoyed laughing and crying along with the rest of this audience while watching this diverse and talented cast. Nicole Powell who’s a swing in the show as well as many other characters, says she loves that the show is about an older woman who is strong and independent, and she appreciates this struggle that all women go through at one point or another in their lives. ΓÇ£Working with Bobby is a sheer pleasure — she is a burst of energy and wit that I have never encountered.ΓÇ¥

Bobby sat down with us after the show to answer a few questions with the audience.

How did Curvy Widow become a musical?

It started as a straight play but did not do well. I was contacted by Drew Brody who is a vegetarian and a cat lover and I hate him for that, and he advised it would work as a musical. He wrote the music and lyrics and it was relaunched to great success.

How accurate is Curvy Widow?

About 98.5 percent accurate. I felt it kept the authenticity of the script to keep it as real as possible.

Are you dating any men now?

Yes, six at the same time. (Audience applauds and laughs loudly)

Did you really start seeing your late husband after you started dating again?

Not physically like in my dreams, but my conscience started to feel guilty. I feel his presence all the time though. One of the first rehearsals in the theater, I was speaking badly about him and three shelves fell down on the bookcase. Lights will go on and off by themselves and I feel as if he is here with me all the time.

How long did you wait to have sex after Jim passed away?

About one and half years.

How long did it take for you to write Curvy Widow?

About six years, but we went back to write it as a musical memoir after it failed as a one-woman show.

Do you live in New York City?

I live between NYC and Florida. I Love NYC but sometimes need a break.

Do you have any children?

No children. I would have eaten them and I would have been the worst mother.

What is your final thought on men?

Men are simple folk. I love men, I really do, but they are not the smartest creatures on the planet. Men are not good at letting women have their own lives and this is something they need to learn.

Curvy Widow is running eight performances a week at The West Side Theater, 407 West 43rd Street. It is recommended for all ages and will appeal to women and men as we learn the differences between the sexes, dealing with love and loss, sex and feelings and just how much we will endure being single — no matter what age.

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