Dancing With the Stars Season 13, Week 7: Who Went Home & Dancin’Boy Review!

By   |   November 2, 2011   |   Entertainment

Ode to HalloweΓÇÖen!┬áHallowe’en is one of my favorite holidays since we all get to dress up and be something different once a year.┬á I was in New York City for the Annual Halloween Parade with TV DivaGal herself, channeling my inner Cleopatra!

On Dancing with the Stars, the contestants had a costume and a team dance-off on Halloween, which was so aproppo. But by Tuesday night, my treats had turned to not-so-nice tricks as one of my fave contestants, David Arquette, was voted off! Oh well, at least Nancy Grace is still safe!

Here are my armchair reviews from Hallowe’en night!

David and Kym:┬á ChaCha. Not sure if Howard Stern is pulling for David this week, but I hope he didΓǪ.┬á This wasnΓÇÖt my favorite dance of his (and I loved his song “ABRACADABRA”), I think heΓÇÖs gonna need all the votes he can.

J.R. Martinez and Karina:┬á Tango. “Ghostbusters!”┬á Love the songΓǪ┬á Um, is J.R. counting his steps?┬á This is kinda lame, and not his bestΓǪ┬á I think the judges are going to kill him.┬á HeΓÇÖs used to getting 9s and 10s.

Nancy and Tristan: Jive (3405). YΓÇÖall know how much I love Nancy, but damn, I think she looked better in rehearsal.┬á Tristan is amazing, but Nancy didnΓÇÖt keep up w/the footwork.┬á LetΓÇÖs all vote for Nancy.┬á PS- “Devil went Down to Georgia” is one of my faves!

Rob Kardashion and Cheryl: ┬áTango. The Kardashian Faaaaamily, I mean “The Addams Family.”┬á Loving this slowish tango.┬á I like Rob, and this is a good one for him, but heΓÇÖs still a little stiff for my taste. Still, a great job!┬á Omigod, his butt is soooo big … like his big (and newly single!) sister!

Ricki Lake and Derek: ┬áPaso Doble. I love the Paso, itΓÇÖs my other favorite with the Jive.┬áRicki’s got a nerve injury in her ribs. She did well, but frankly — and no offense to Ricki, cause I loooove her — but that Paso Doble was all Paso Derek!

Hope Solor and Maks: Tango. Wow, Maks is gonna get his ass fired.  I mean, he’s smokin’ hot, I’ve always said it, but he’s soooo rude to his partner and even to the dude helping out from the troupe.  I think Hope has been on this show waaaaay too long. In my book, this is the worst performance of the night.


The Tango to “Disturbia” was hot.┬á I loved the sexy/crazy straight jacket theme, but poor Nancy in between Karina and Kym.┬áI liked it; it was lots of fun, and Tristan is soooo great.┬áBut clearly not as good as Team Paso!

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