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The sun is out, and your winter hibernation is finally ending, so its time to meet your match. After all, every springtime, young men’s fancies across the nation turn to love.

So where do you start? Well the saying goes that it’s as easy to fall for a rich person as it is for a poor one. That means setting your gaze on Hollywood and Wall Street for the most available bachelors and bachelorettes.

Luxe Gal Maureen Martin — with the help of entertainment correspondent Val Greenberg and etiquette expert Samantha Von Sperling — has compiled a handy guide to get you prepped for a jet set relationship that takes you from the red carpets of Los Angels to the film festival of Cannes. Come back every day this week for your daily lesson on dating the rich.

The Look.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. So lets start with your looks. Being a stunner helps, so here are some tips on how to fake it.

Keep your body toned. You don’t have to be super model skinny, just super fit. Try the boot camp or boxing classes at your gym. Not only will they sculpt your body quickly, these classes attract lots of guys. Remember, Jerry Seinfeld met his wife at the gym.

Get the best haircut and color money can buy
. If you live in New York City we recommend Bumble and bumble, Louis Licari and if you have luscious ethnic hair, visit our curly girl guru Ouidad. You could also try to score an appointment with stylist James Hernandez, who is not even open to the public and takes appointments by referral only. Our money-saving tip? Opt for a junior stylist who needs practice but has pretty much the same skill set as her superiors as they will supervise him or her while tending to your precious tresses.

Put forth your best face. The rich boys can afford the best of everything, and that includes the company of pretty young women. So even if you believe that beauty is merely skin-deep and a personΓÇÖs inner worth is what really matters, it is very unlikely that a successful man will want to be seen with a woman who looks like something the cat dragged in on a wet day. Learn to accentuate your best features with subtle makeup application (take a class if you need one, offers NYC-based workshops as well as free online tutorials), and practice an 800-watt smile that will stun any man ΓÇô rich or poor ΓÇô into submission. Try Supersmile Whitening On-The-Go Travel Pack with five easy-to-carry items, to make your smile dazzle.

Dress to impress. Sure, a revealing outfit might catch a rich man’s eye, but will it keep him in the mix? We say err on the side of dressing conservatively Men are visual and they like to look, and you want a man use his imagination when it comes to your body. So just give him a little bit of a tease: a slit on a tailored skirt or a blouse with a ruffled collar that reveals a little bit of cleavage that is modest and sexy. Remember one of the sexiest women around is Angelina Jolie, who is usually covered up when she walks the red carpet. Red carpet glam doesn’t hurt either. Look like a red carpet diva (who knows how to save a dime) in this long-sleeved embellished dress by Lipsy, available at Bloomingdale’s for under $150.

Most importantly, always remember this quote from style pioneer Coco Chanel: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!”

Tomorrow: Where To Meet A Rich Man

photo credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos, Lipsy London

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