Design Tips to Sex Up Your Home, Part II!

By   |   June 8, 2011   |   Lifestyle

Last week, we introduced you to our “Design Diva” Joy Moyler, interior designer extraordinaire. Now we continue with Part II of her helpful tips to get your home in the mood for love!

1. Dine Alfresco. If you have a backyard, are near a beach, alongside a vineyard, porch, sunroof or are anywhere at all outside, it’s the perfect place to share a meal. Everything tastes better outside, whether it be in the morning, at dusk or below the stars. Just be sure to take along bug repellant so they aren’t enjoy you as the meal as you enjoy yours.

2. Make Some Scents. I cannot express the power of scent enough. Most men love coming home to aromas reminiscent of their childhood. Bake cookies (homemade preferably), roast a chicken, wear your favorite perfume, prepare homemade Chai tea with real cardamom pods, ginger root and cinnamon sticks and let it simmer on the stove. Let the scent greet him at the door before itΓÇÖs even open. These aromas can engulf the home, so let them linger and permeate each room. “Mr. Big Stuff” wonΓÇÖt want to leave home, and if he does heΓÇÖll be back before you know it!

3. Define The Mood With Colors. If harmony is important to you, beware of red walls in private rooms, especially bedrooms. Relegate deeps reds to entry foyers and dining areas as red elevates blood pressure. Strong canary yellow heightens intensity as well so be very clear on your objective here. In private rooms consider colors evoking pure calm with colors like celadon or pale blue. They put you, and him, in a relaxed state of mind.

4. Soften Up Your Bedding. Where you lay your head is as important as the count you rest it on. Beware of itchy bed linens. TheyΓÇÖll want to make you both want get out of bed before you are ready to. If you want to “kill the cuddle” in your life, 100-thread count sheets are the express route to get there, though I donΓÇÖt recommend anything higher than 600 thread count, unless you just have to have it. No surprise here, the higher the thread count, the higher the price. If you’re getting married, use your bridal registry for the more expensive linen houses like Frette, Leron and E. Braun. But letΓÇÖs be practical. If the perfect evening at home for you is eating chocolate chip cookies in bed with your loved one, youΓÇÖll be replacing linens pretty frequently, so try purchasing several sets at your favorite discount store.

5. Impromptu Your Artwork. If you’ve done something wrong — and you know it — in your absolute favorite lipstick color, on your absolutely favorite mirror, in your absolute best penmanship or calligraphy write “I am sorry, I love you.” And then have the best time ever making up when he gets home. Enough said.

Bonus Tip. Unsolicited comments from his mother are certain to happen at some point, even if the two of you have a great relationship. So when she stops by unannounced, shrieking at the newly painted lavender walls, exclaiming her dear baby boy “Robbie” is a grown man and should not be expected to live in a home with lavender walls, Shut her down with this very comment: “Ever since RobbieΓÇÖs birthday when I wore my new bra/thong lavender Agent Provocateur ensemble with matching garter, lavender is RobbieΓÇÖs favorite color. We very well may paint the whole house lavender now.”

Live every moment in the name of love, friendship and growth.

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