Sexy Design Tips For From Celebrity Designer Joy Moyler! Small Apartment Makeover – Part IV

By   |   December 20, 2017   |   Lifestyle

Our small apartment makeover transformation is in full swing! We chatted once again with celebrity designer Joy Moyler of Joy Moyler Interiors to get some hot tips on how to make our small space appealing to ourselves, and our boo!

1. Interior design for your environment of domestic bliss starts at the front door. Your entry or foyer should set the design scheme for the rest of the home. If you are “Traditional,” flank sconces (even non-working ones) about a traditional picture or photo above a mahogany carved console with appropriate decorate elements. If “Contemporary” appeals to you, follow the same line of thinking, but with a Lucite console or wooden Parsons-style console below chrome or nickel sconces. Adorn with a colorful graphic painting or black and white photo using reprints inspired by Victor Skrebneski or Herb Ritts if youΓÇÖre a bonafide fashionista. What appears at the entry will be the DNA of what follows in the other areas. So make a bold powerful statement here leaving your “style thumbprint,” one a potential suitor won’t forget.

2. Flowers are a lovely gesture, as they continue the air of romance, are beautiful and fragrant. Discover your husband or boyfriend’s favorite flower. When possible, make certain they are prevalent in your home, and not just for special occasions. All types of varieties, even exotic ones, are available for purchase online. And if you if you live in a city with a vast flower district, even better as they are easily available. Hint: place a blossom in your man’s inside jacket pocket or tucked into his laptop case before he goes out the door in the morning. HeΓÇÖll think about you all day!

3. Lighting is extremely important. Let the sun shine! By day, bathe the rooms in sunlight with sheer linens and metallic textiles that reflect and shimmer. Celebrate the start of a new day together! Bask in the glory of love. Come sundown, let it be all about candlelight: dark, moody, sensuous candlelight. I tend to stay away from scented candles, as they clash with my perfume. We arenΓÇÖt trying to give “Big Boy” a headache, weΓÇÖre trying to cure it! DonΓÇÖt wait for special occasions to light candles at the table. You cannot give him the “come hither glance” over your grandmother’s roast beef au jus with fluorescent lighting. It just wonΓÇÖt work. If itΓÇÖs warm outside, turn the air conditioning up and light the fireplace (if you have one)! Create reasons to set the fireplace aglow, and your love for each other too. Take the reigns in your hands, and MAKE the magic happen.


4. Pump up the music. Some would question the placement of music on this list. However, I find it unbelievably important in interior design. Can you remember your song? Do you remember the first time you danced together cheek-to-cheek? Do you remember the healing power music played after your first fight; how it broke the silence in the room after you told him he wasn’t your first? Music is a healing power of its own. It’s exhilarating to have music playing while cooking together. It’s exhilarating to find yourself grabbed by your partner unexpectedly when a classic love song from years past comes on that you didn’t even know he liked. Music can say the thing your lips can’t reveal. Make sure you have your Monster SuperStar HotShot Portable Bluetooth Speaker on hand. It packs a big punch without taking up much room.

5. Rev up the texture. Texture plays a strong role in setting a mood. I love velvets, cashmere, chiffon, organza and small does of leather trim on a cashmere throw. Place textiles you both find comforting in the areas where you spend the most time.

Place a throw where you curl up and watch movies or sports together; on a reading chair, where he reads the Sunday paper; and of course, on the bed.Try some beautifully printed linens.

Longing for more? Tune in next week when Joy gives us five more tips for making our home pop!

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