Detox Your Skin For Summer!

By   |   June 24, 2014   |   Beauty, Lifestyle

Our international contributor Imogen Reed schools us on detoxing our skin with tips from across the pond!

Summer is officially here! The changing of the seasons is a great time to look at┬áyour current beauty regime┬áand tweak and refresh it to insure that your skin stays in tip- top condition, just like Lupita Nyong’o! Because we tend to wear less make up in the summer, itΓÇÖs more important than ever to have skin that is healthy and radiant, particularly as so much more of it is on display when you put on your bathing suit!

Ready to have summer-ready radiant skin? Here are a few hints and tips:

Detox Your Makeup Bag. One of the quickest and easiest ways to immediately improve your skin health is to detox your makeup bag.┬á Many people arenΓÇÖt even aware that makeup has a “sell by” date but, as a general rule, anything that has been in your make up bag for more than 18 months probably needs to be thrown away and replaced. Be brutal. Throw away anything that has cracked or dried out; has changed in color; or that you havenΓÇÖt used in the past six months. That 10-yea- old lipstick you wore to prom may bring back happy memories, but it will only have negative effects on your skin health!┬áA recent survey has shown┬áthat the average woman keeps makeup for 6 years after it has passed its sell by date before choosing to throw it away. The bacteria gathering on makeup over a prolonged period of time could leave you vulnerable to unnecessary skin infections and break outs. Fact: in 2010┬á169 infections and other adverse events┬átied to out of date cosmetics were reported to┬áthe Food and Drug Administration; thousands of other cases are likely to go unreported each year. If you suffer from regular breakouts then you may find that your skin condition improves dramatically if you choose to buy new makeup, and if youΓÇÖre prone to suffering from other skin or eye complaints such as regular bouts of conjunctivitis, then you should make buying new makeup your top priority.

Remove the Toxins in Your Diet. It’s a cliché, but healthy skin really does start from the inside. What you put into your body will ultimately be reflected in the condition of your skin. If you eat a diet containing large amounts of unsaturated fats and junk foods then you’re likely to see skin that is excessively oily, sallow and prone to regular breakouts. Feeding your skin with plenty of healthy food such as vegetables full of powerful antioxidants and rich in vitamins C and E will leave you with skin that is smooth, clear and glowing. Blueberries, broccoli and pomegranates are all great foods to introduce to your diet for skin health.

Cut Back the Cocktails. I know, it’s summer ΓÇô a margarita is a summer staple! But reducing your alcohol intake can also make a huge difference to the condition of your skin. Another great change you can make┬áfor the sake of your skin health is to undergo an alcohol detox. This is particularly important if you drink excessively on regular occasions or feel you are alcohol dependent. Alcohol robs your body of vitamin A,┬áleaving your skin looking dull, grey and lifeless. The congeners it contains will also leave your skin dehydrated and that in turn can lead your skin to become red, patchy and flaky. Basically, when it comes to radiant skin, alcohol is bad news! If you spend just a month drinking eight glasses of water a day and avoiding those weekend ‘ritas then you will see an immediate and dramatic difference in the condition of your skin (and you may drop a few pounds too ΓÇô your bikini thanks you!).

Scrub Away! Regular exfoliation is the key to radiant skin. It will leave your skin looking softer, smoother and clearer by washing away any dead skin cells and revealing the new healthy skin underneath.┬áChoose an exfoliating scrub┬áthat isnΓÇÖt too abrasive to insure you don’t cause any damage to your skin and┬ámake use of a soft facial brush┬áon your face at least once a week as part of your regular cleansing routine.

Finally, don’t forget to regularly apply sunscreen to yourself, even on days that are cloudy or when the sun doesn’t seem too hot. Not only are you are at an increased risk of contracting skin cancer, too much sun exposure can leave your skin looking red and wrinkled. When in doubt, add more sunscreen, just to be sure!

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