DISCOVERY+ PRESS TOUR WINTER 2021! The Pope Gets Greenlit! Beverly Peele Fights Back. Luda Can’t Cook!

By   |   February 11, 2021   |   Entertainment

No one brings you into people’s lives like Discovery. Now Discovery+ has greenlit a show about Pope Francis!

As Discovery+ moves deeper into the documentary space, they are giving an intimate and emotional view of the Pope, with no restrictions from the Vatican or the network to allow us a full picture into the Pope’s life, as directed by Israeli-American film director Evgeny Afineevsky. No, no, it’s not a reality show, as the Pope wasn’t really interested in being on camera as a star, according to Evgeny.

So who is Pope Francis? He is a person with a wonderful heart, he is truly connected to who he is as a human, and the love and care for humanity is so real in him,” revealed Sister Norma Pimental, executive director of Catholic Church Charities. “He’s a man who looks into your soul,” shared Juan Carlos Cruz, an activist who survived sexual abuse at the hands of the church and got a personal apology from the Pope. “He gives you back your dignity” to aspire to great things.

In other news, supermodel Beverly Peele is revealing her harrowing experience with Peter Nygård in the new Discovery+ documentary Unseamly. Nygård has been accused of sexually abusing women who modeled for his so-called fashion brand. Peele actually has a child with him, but she was determined to come forward to help put the accused predator away. “He portrayed this image of wealth,” she shared, using it to lure in unsuspecting young women, many of whom were women of color.

Nygård’ son Kai Bickle has worked tirelessly to expose his father’s dastardly deeds stated, “he is a master manipulator, he will say anything to get you into anything he wants to get you in. Bickle added that for the women victimized, “it’s not at all their fault for being lured in by him. A lot of predators dangle things in front of them to make them do what they want.” Unseamly, now streaming.

In Luda Can’t Cook, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges is on a mission to learn how to cook, because… he can’t. On this Will Packer-helmed series, Luda’s learning how, and for one very good reason: to impress his mama, our pal Ms. Roberta Shields. But Luda made a confession that we need to keep between us.

“This is a safe space,” Luda asked at the panel. “I love my mother and as I grew up as a child, I needed food as my belly … but my mother was not the best cook in the world,” he revealed. “That’s not to say that she was bad at it. My mom is great, but her cooking has gotten better and better over time.”

Don’t worry, Luda, your secret is safe with the DivaGals!


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