DISHING DIVA! Lindsay Lohan’s New Movie The CanyonsΓÇô What She Was Really Like On Set!

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Lindsay Lohan‘s latest film, the sexy psych thriller The Canyons, premieres tonight via The Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York City.

While some say that the troubled actress was a total nightmare to work with during the indie’s film production period last July, some, like Lohan’s co-star Tenille Houston, are praising their experience with the Mean Girls star.

The DivaGals spoke to Tenille exclusively to find out what it was like working with Lindsay, and how the actresses bonded over makeup and waffle fries.

You worked with Lindsay in your latest project. What was she like on set?

She was great. I started in hair and makeup, and she came in and introduced herself again ΓÇô we had met on the table read ΓÇô she just came up and asked me right away, do you mind if we read lines. We worked on our lines as we were doing our hair and makeup. It was a shoot into the late hours of the evening and in our scene we’re supposed to be drinking wine. So the photo, of course, leaked out to the press, and it was “Lindsay Lohan, drinking again.” No, it was just our scenes. I think it was Coca Cola or something awful watered down to make it look like wine. I only shot with her the one day and everything was great. It was a really good scene.

Since she’s been in the business for a while, did she give you any pointers or tips for your scenes?

No, she very much let me do my own thing and she did hers. There was one point where we decided we’d talk over each other to build the scene, but otherwise, it was very open. It was definitely two actors doing their work, and she was great and very respectful.

Sounds like you bonded off set as well.

When you work with people, every now and then you step outside to watch what’s going on. She’s very talented and has great moments and great beats. She definitely brings herself in a different way to the role. I want to say we had chicken fingers and waffle fries from Chick-fil-A that night for dinner.

Have you spoken to her since your filming?

I saw her at the wrap party. Everybody had a great time. It was a long shoot, and I think it was intense for the crew members. It was an ultra low budget film so all of us were working for very little because we’re all very passionate about the project. The wrap party was really nice, and it let us just relax. She was there and she was very sweet. Her brother was there.

Tell me about the movie.

It’s an interesting script. It’s a dark thriller about five 20-somethings living in Los Angeles circa 2012. It’s how they all intertwine and their stories come together through an unexpected turn of events, and that would be me.

Tenille HoustonWho do you play?

My character is Cynthia, and I’m the one who ties it all together. There are these crazy little love triangles going on. James Deen‘s character is dating Lindsay Lohan, and Nolan Funk is with Amanda Brooks‘ character. I’m the one who’s been with both of the men in the past.




You did work with porn star James Deen. What was he like to work with?

He was so sweet and down to earth — a very talkative, chill individual, and very professional. I was afraid myself, this was my first time working with a porn star. It’s one of those things you have no idea what to expect when you show up to set and there’s a lovemaking scene, that was very nerve wracking in itself. But he was the nicest guy and was there to work. He really wanted it to be the best.

Did he give you any pointers to make your love scene look better?

Unfortunately my poor little character doesn’t get to “make love.” It’s definitely a love scene where two characters want two very different things from the action. Cynthia wants more and wants him to leave his girlfriend, and he’s just trying to work off his anger. It’s one of the shorter scenes that is throughout the film, but it’s quite intense.

Must have been a little intimidating.

That was something I was nervous about, but like I said, he was very sweet and very professional. Every time they would yell “cut,” he would let me grab my robe first!

The Canyons opens in NYC on Aug. 2. It’s available on VOD beginning Aug. 9.

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