DIVA CHAT: Latina Singer Alus Channels the Nineties

By   |   April 24, 2014   |   Entertainment

New contributor Angela Yvonne chats with hot new recording artist Alus!

What do you get when you mix a little Mariah Carey, a little bit of Janet Jackson and a sprinkle of Aaliyah from a Tim Burton point of view? You get the eclectic sounds of Alus.

This amazing powerhouse is bringing the nostalgic ’90s back, delivering a cool sound that reminds you of when it was alright to cruise with your friends, and you could not wait to go to the neighborhood cookout. After dropping the female remix of “Loyal” by Chris Brown, Alus is the one to watch delivering urban pop with a classic sex appeal.

I had the opportunity to speak with this fiery Latina and get a glimpse of what makes Alus a force to be recognized.

You recently dropped your remix to Loyal by Chris Brown. This was dope, by the way. I really love it when a womanΓÇÖs remix comes out to songs. Have you had the opportunity to meet Chris Brown and what was his reaction?
I have not met him, but heard someone was sending it to him. His DJ is supposed to listen, so I am just sitting here waiting… It was an honest song; I think I’m probably going through something (laughs).

I am in love with your new EP, Alustrious. My favorite song is “Chasing Miracles.” Which song was the hardest to write based on the experience behind it?
Usually when I write, it’s organic and natural. But that particular song was based on something I was going through. That was a hard song because I was dealing with a difficult relationship — we just kept missing it — and it was my way of moving on therapeutically.

Listening to your songs, you are reminiscent of Ms. Mariah, Janet and especially Aaliyah. It reminds me of the ’90s when artists were dropping summer time hits and going to the neighborhood cookouts. It was like the best time in music. What makes you inspired by that sound and wanting to bring it back?
I grew up listening to the greats: Mariah, Janet and Whitney Houston, and as far back as Billie Holiday. Although I heard other music growing up, that particular time is where I feel at home. So it was like second nature to have a sound I am familiar with and really love! Mariah is a great influence for me.

I know that you are Latina. Do you have plans to do a bilingual album or single?
I am half Puerto Rican and Austrian and Russian. I only speak broken Spanish but can understand it, and my family understands me. I would love to do bilingual song. I was obsessed with the movie Selena starring J.Lo of course. I was really young and didnΓÇÖt know the meaning of the words, but the music still spoke to me.

You recently came off South By Southwest. Being around all that energy, did you have a star struck moment?
I didnΓÇÖt think I would meet as many people as I did. I met A$AP Rocky and other rappers to talk music with. I was there to just do my music. The experience was surreal. I did not get star struck because I feel we were all there to do music; we’re just at different points in our career paths. So I just soaked it all in.

What is it about Tim Burton that inspired and influenced your “Relapse” video?
I love dark characters and his twist on fantasy and how he brings that to life. I am sort of a crazy person (laughs). After people watched my “Relapse” video, they have thoughts of what is wrong with her? Tim has a way of taking the craziest things and finding beauty in them.

In 2012 you got to meet Kanye West during Fashion Night Out. Are you going to the Kimye wedding?
No, I am not going to the wedding (laughs). It was cool to see how down to earth Kanye and Justin Bieber were after everything that they have accomplished. It inspired me to go harder with my path and stay humble.

Which of your idols would you like to do a cover of your songs?
If Mariah sung one of my songs, or even collaborated with me, thhat would make my life.

5 Fast Facts About Alus:

  • Favorite Artist: Mariah Carey. “I love the texture of her voice”
  • Song on Repeat on Ipod: “Emotions” by Mariah “Always sing her on my good vocal days”
  • Favorite Place to Perform: Madison Square Garden “To perform my own songs”
  • Celebrity Crush: Johnny Depp
  • Who is Alus? “Singer, Songwriter, over all entertainer. A very hard worker that is always working!”

Alustrious is available now on free download. Tweet her at AlusOfficial.

Tweet Angela @AngelaYvonne

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