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DIVA CHAT! Right This Minute’s Gayle Bass Spills Her Viral Video Secrets!

By   |   November 17, 2014   |   Entertainment

The DivaGals love a good viral video, but all that searching for the perfect piece? Got no time for that! That’s why we’re so happy that Right This Minute‘s Gayle Bass is so bringing it.


Every weekday she and her co-hosts uncover and bring forth some of the greatest videos from across the globe on their reality news series. Now we’re talking with the queen of viral videos to find out just how she gets the job done!

Right This Minute is busting on the scene here in New York City! Give me three good reasons we should all be watching.

The show is new in New York, but this is our fourth season and it’s never the same every day! You never know what’s going to be picked upon surveillance camera, and you never know what stuff somebody is going to try and fail at. You never know what cute things a baby is going to say or do or a dog’s going to do. So you just want to tune in for that. Also, our host reactions are genuine. When we see the video we’re seeing it for the first time, so our reactions to the videos are just like anyone else. And thirdly, viral videos have replaced the water cooler from the old days when everyone would gather around and say, “Did you see what happened on TV?” Now everybody has iPhones and iPads and any kind of mobile device you want to access this stuff. We knew there was a place for that because viral videos attract people. So many videos are uploaded to YouTube, somebody needs to dive in there to get the crazy stuff for you to watch!

What’s your favorite type of video to find and comment on for Right This Minute?

I am regularly on Facebook at work without getting in trouble because I’m looking for my friends’ kids to do something or their dogs. I am known as the pet person. I love animals, so I’m the animal girl. I also love anything to do with space, flying or travel.

Have there been videos you have seen and have been a major disappointment?

What makes me mad is when nothing good happens in a video. On YouTube it’ll say “Supreme Bike Crash” and then there’s no bike crash. There’s some bait and switch with a lot of videos.

Any funny moments while watching videos with your co-stars Beth, Christian, Nick and Oli?

We had a Kickstarter campaign for Sakpants for people who live in colder climates. I never have, but I guess waking up in the morning without having to put your feet on the cold floor is a big deal, so these guys made these pants where you could sleep in them and then walk out to the mail box in them and not offend the neighbors. We played this video and Beth lost it because she has a thing about having her feet covered at night. She couldn’t imagine how you were able to keep your feet covered all night, and she was about to faint. Her reaction was just priceless.

Which Social Media platform is the one you can’t get enough of?

I like Twitter. I’m a news junkie and I get news headlines. Twitter is like a news service to me. And it’s a one-liner service; sometimes people will post stuff in 140 words or less and tell a funny story. I like Albert Brooks’ Twitter feed, and I like NASA Twitter feed. It’s comedy and news at the same time.

The DivaGals love beauty viral videos. Are you a fan?

I really didn’t need that until I did our show. I started wearing extensions. I’d never worn them — my sisters would say I was the only black woman in the world who didn’t have any fake hair under the sink — and I got some extensions and thought I don’t know how to style this. I went online and got some great hair tips. I have my own hair now. I’ll sometimes look for tips for having black hair and working out a lot. It’s a problem especially when you’re on TV. You always have to keep your hair nice but you always have to work out and keep your body healthy too!

You know TV DivaGal knows it! Watch Right This Minute at 12 pm and 12:30 pm every weekday on Fox5 in New York City. Not in NYC? Check your local listings. And follow @TVDivaGal tomorrow as we live tweet the 12 p.m. broadcast!

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