Diva Interview: Drop Dead Diva's Brooke Elliott!

By   |   July 10, 2009   |   Entertainment
Second chance to party!<br> credit: courtesy of Lifetime

Second chance to party! credit: courtesy of Lifetime

As promised, here’s the TV Divagal’s exclusive interview with Brooke Elliott, the star of Lifetime’s new series Drop Dead Diva.

This show is tailor-made for the TV Divagal (it’s got my name in its title!). It’s about Jane, a shy lawyer whose body is inhabited by the soul of a recently departed model.

Now the once insecure legal eagle is breaking out, literally (there’s a scene in the pilot where she smashes a window), as Deb learns to love her new full-figured body, and look fabulous while doing it. TV Divagal approves!

The new series is getting a pretty stellar guest-star roster. TV Divagal already broke that Rosie O’Donnell has returned to the series for a second episode.

Now Brooke gives up the scoop on Paula Abdul‘s upcoming appearance and why American Idol‘s Adam Lambert might snag a guest role.

Paula Abdul is guest-starring on your show in September. Can you tell us about her role?
She plays herself as Judge Abdul, who’s a judge in the courtroom in a dream that Jane’s having. It’s kind of in her American Idol role. I won’t blow the dream, but she did a fabulous job. She was lovely and really committed to the role. It was fun to have her around.

Speaking of American Idol, you starred in the musical Wicked with Adam Lambert. Any thoughts on having him on your show?
I’ll have to talk to [executive producer] Josh Berman about that. That would be great.

What’s the biggest differences between old Jane and her new Deb-infused personality?
Old Jane, she’s thoughtful and passionate and loyal and brilliant and beautiful. But she has some insecurities and is rather shy. Deb, who is now inside of Jane, didn’t have those same insecurities and her spirit affects Jane in that way. She now, however, has to struggle with learning how to be in this body and this new life.

Which lines are harder to deliver: Jane’s legal jargon or Deb’s valley girl speak?
They require such an equal amount of focus! This role requires such an equal amount of concentration and focus on which personality is driving a majority of the scene in that moment. Is Jane’s characteristics coming through or is Deb leading it. They’re both challenging and both fun. Because it’s Deb’s soul, everything is seen through Deb’s eyes. It’s just how much of Jane’s characteristics are coming through at the moment.

Deb is a fashionista! Will Jane’s look evolve now that Deb is driving her personality?
It does evolve a bit. Jane needs to feel amazing about herself and that’s going to help Deb accept this new life that she’s in. And that’s Deb’s forte, fashion and looks. That’s something she can give to Jane.

Which designers will Jane be rocking?
I love Marina Rinaldi. The stuff I put on from her is fantastic and amazing, and you feel great in it.

It’s pretty convenient that Deb’s grieving boyfriend, Grayson, now works at Jane’s law firm. So when will he and Jane hook up?
I don’t know, but I hope so. I know Deb inside of Jane would certainly love that.

What’s been your most real-life Diva moment?
This show is. It’s been the best opportunity to express myself as an actress and as a person, and just get to display my own confidence and my own love for my body and myself.

Love that we’re both Divas! What does the word mean to you?
To me, Diva embodies confidence. It’s someone who knows her beauty and worth.

You know the TV Divagal is all about that!

Catch the series premiere of Drop Dead Diva on Sunday, July 12 at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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