Divalicious Home Maintenance Tips – Small Apartment Makeover – Part V!

By   |   December 26, 2017   |   Lifestyle

Hey Divas! If you’re anything like us, you got some major goodies for your small apartment makeover, we sure did!

Whether you looking for apartments to rent in Hollywood, Calif. or any of the major cities in the US, making sure everything is in working order will be part of your daily responsibility to boost the quality of your lifestyle.

We reached out to our home maintenance expert pals to put together this list of 10 smart things you can do to keep your home in tip-top condition. Some of these tasks, once done, are good for the season – or even the entire year!

1. Have a wooden front door? Clean it up and bring instant shine to it by polishing it every season. If it’s painted, you can wipe it down with a damp cloth when needed. Metal door? Give a vacuum with an attachment when it gets dusty.

2. Once in a year, clean the condenser coils of your fridge. Use a vacuum for easy cleaning. A cleaner coil is a key part of your fridge’s good maintenance routine to keep the food cold and fresh.

3. Clean your oven! If you use it regularly, you’ll need to do it every week. You can use homemade, chemical-free cleaners to wipe away the oil spills as soon as they happen.

4. If you have a coffeemaker, you need to clean it more often than you think. The most efficient way to do this is by making a blend of water and white vinegar. Fill the coffee maker with two parts water and one part vinegar and brew. Use the brewed mixture to pour back into the reservoir and run it again. Discard the mixture and run through clean, cold water. Repeat once again and your coffee maker is clean. You can also clean the grimy outside of a stainless steel teapot by scrubbing it with your water/vinegar mixture.

5. Did you acquire some old chairs in your makeover? You can fix them to look like new! You can make them sturdy again with some screws, nails and/or glue. Paint and spray paint can give legs new life. And don’t forget to cover the old cushions – how about with white fluffy fabric for a chic look!

6. Check and replace your detector’s batteries (both smoke and carbon monoxide) on a yearly basis. This will keep them running efficiently and ensure the alarms sound off if there ever is an emergency.

7. Replace extension cords if they have worn out. This is important! The last thing you want is to ignite a spark that can lead to a fire from a worn out cord (but at least your smoke detector will be working!).

8. Have you added a gas lantern? Smart move! These are durable, rugged fixtures that can run and last for decades. But they still need minor maintenance to maintain their performance. Clean the glass and remove the dirt twice a year. Also, make sure gas lines are cleaned every year for proper gas supply.

9. If you’re lucky enough to have a garage, check your garage door for safety. If it has an automatic system, put it in manual mode and try lifting it. It should smoothly glide open and stay three feet from the ground on its own. If that doesn’t happen, it indicates a counterbalance problem.

10. Keep emergency flashlights charged and ready. If they run on batteries, make sure to have plenty on hand to replace them regularly.

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