How To Divert A First Date Disaster (No. 4 Is The WORST!)

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Hey Divas! Any dreamy relationship starts with a first date! Now if the thought of going on that first one strikes you with fear – particularly if itΓÇÖs with a guy you have been crushing over for ages and you want everything to go well – it could fill you with impending dread. One wrong move or a misspoken word could spell disaster for any chances of a budding romance, let alone a cute first date story to share with grandkids -┬á┬áitΓÇÖs no wonder youΓÇÖre a bag of nerves before meeting the guy!

While we fellow DivaGals can’t be there with you on your first date (we would only get in the way!), we can give you some advice on dealing with possible disasters that may befall you before and during your date.  Read on for helpful hints on beauty emergencies, dating awkwardness and 

You Look Like A Pizza
Disaster: Your comfort eating comes back to haunt you, and now spots are popping up on your face all over the place. You may be meeting your guy for a pizza, but you sure as heck donΓÇÖt want to look like one.

Remedy: For starters, avoid unhealthy foods that are going to make you break out in spots. Eating the right food helps, but you might also consider these foodie beauty items to give you great looking skin. Then, if your skin erupts hours before the big date, use a little ice to ease the swelling, and apply a little concealer to hide the offending area.

Your Tooth Is Out Of Whack
Disaster: You have done your best to get ready for your date, but when you flash your smile in the mirror, your heart sinks. That red wine you downed for courage has stained your pearly whites, and one of your teeth has a bigger chip in it than that glass you dropped a week ago.

Rescue: Your date wonΓÇÖt go very well if you’re scared to open your mouth during the evening, but help is at hand. Use a tooth-whitening product to cover any unsightly stains. Then look for immediate dental care to get a same-day appointment to fix your broken molar. You will now be able to dazzle the guy with a confident smile when you meet up with him on the date.

Your Silence Is Deafening
Disaster: After a nervous hello and a peck on the cheek, you sit down at the dinner table, and after a few pleasantries aside, you run out of things to say. Whenever you do open your mouth, your nerves make you stutter and tongue-tied. Awkward!

Rescue: Before heading out on the date, write down a list of possible questions. Avoid those that are only going to elicit a “yes” or “no” response, as the conversation wonΓÇÖt get very far. Then be sure not to choose questions that are too probing or personal. You arenΓÇÖt there to interrogate him after all. Here are some foolproof questions that should keep the conversation flowing.

Your Ex Is Dining Just Tables Away
Disaster: You are just tucking into your meal when a familiar shadow creeps up behind you. It’s your ex-boyfriend, and he has stopped by for some friendly chit-chat… and a sneak peek at your new beau!

Remedy: Unless you put out a restraining order on your ex, there is no way to avoid them when out on the town. However, you donΓÇÖt have to explain yourself to him or introduce your new fella. Offer a friendly hello and carry on with the date. Our other advice is to avoid venues where your ex is likely to show up. You donΓÇÖt need to hop on a plane to another country, but you probably know his favorite hangouts from your previous time together.

You Take A Turn… For The Worst┬á
Disaster: You have managed to untie your tongue, and the conversation is flowing faster than the wine. Suddenly his expression changes for the worst, and like an amateur dentist, you realize your words have struck a nerve.

Remedy: Unless you went for that personal question we told you to avoid earlier, you canΓÇÖt be blamed for saying the wrong thing. You donΓÇÖt know the guy well enough yet (unless you stalked him on Facebook) so you are bound to make the occasional faux pas in conversation. Make a genuine apology, but donΓÇÖt spend a long time making a big thing of it as you may dig a deeper hole for yourself. Move on as soon as possible, and make a mental note to avoid the offending topic down the line.

Your Exit Plan Is So Lame…
Disaster: The date is nearly over, and itΓÇÖs time to say goodbye. He reaches over to kiss you, but in your nervousness, you shake his hand instead and thank him for his time. The embarrassment!

Remedy: If the date hasnΓÇÖt gone well, you donΓÇÖt need to give him a kiss. In fact, a handshake is perfectly fine, and he will hopefully get the point. However, if you are as passionate as he is, follow the signs. If he leans in when he is talking to you and keeps his body language open, you should get ready to pucker up. He will be as nervous as you are, so go with the flow and enjoy the experience.

Be sure to let us know your first date disasters, and any remedies you may have up your sleeve. Thanks for reading!

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