Does Prince “Harry” Want An African Princess?

By   |   June 5, 2014   |   Entertainment

TV DivaGal is pretty hooked on the new Fox summer series I Wanna Marry Harry. Unfamiliar with the presmise? A young British bloke who resembles Prince Harry, also known as Prince Henry of Wales, has been transformed into the heir’s doppelganger and put up in an English castle where he has to fool and woo 12 American 20-somethings into believing he does descend from the throne.

Now on every American reality dating show, it’s a given that there will be at least one girl of chocolate hue repping, and it’s no different here. Her name is Chelsea Brookshire, a pretty single gal from Long Beach, Calif.

“Harry” has been going on group and one-on-one dates with these gullible gals since the show premiered last month. But we’ve noticed that poor Chelsea isn’t getting much screen time with the faux prince.

Sure, she’s got her spot at the fancy dinners and tea time and even played a bit of Croquet with the prince, (like they were going to make her serve tea ΓÇô this isn’t 12 Years A Slave, 2014 version!). But we never really see “Harry” interacting with her. We almost had a moment while they were at the pool party this week, but that ended quickly. The only time Chelsea got any real screen time is when she was teaching her fellow competitors how to twerk. I admit, she nailed it, but reallyΓǪ holy stereotype!

At the end of this week’s episode, “Harry” said that Chelsea is beautiful, stunning “and a good laugh to be aroundΓǪ she’s a character.” Not exactly a love connection, especially when “Harry”has been sending home girls he hasn’t connected with. And yet, Chelsea’s still around.

Which leads me to ask, why are reality dating shows so afraid to show a white guy fall for a beautiful woman of color? It happens every day in real life ΓÇô shouldn’t that be reflected in reality dating? I’m just sayingΓǪ

In the teaser for next week’s episode, it seems that Chelsea is FINALLY getting screen time. Of course, it’s looks like it’s over her unease on landing a royal against the other girls. Instead of a look of lust, “Harry”has a look of consternation on his face as they talk alone for the first time — all signs point to her exit point next week.

Couldn’t “Harry” have just been head over heels for her and we get one hot, amazing kiss? Now that would be radical TV!

I Wanna Marry Harry airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

photo credit: FOX

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