DROP THE MIC! He Ain’t Better Star Nick Hissom Gives Women A Reason To Choose!

By   |   June 21, 2018   |   Food Fashion Style

A music hottie is arousing the fans and dancing on the top charts. And heΓÇÖs there to stay. Swoon.

“He Ain’t Better” is the latest work of #WBWD┬áNick Hissom, AKA, Hizzy. A British singer and songwriter, he has prevailed in the USA charts. ΓÇ£He AinΓÇÖt BetterΓÇ¥ premiered in summer 2017 and garnered a whopping 1 million streams on Spotify in its first month. Woo-wee!

Confession time: IΓÇÖm coming in new and blind to this brand of music. You might accuse me of living in a cave, though I have my own mind on how to process it. I can respect its commercialist intents, the wish-fulfillment of a man promising he can give me something better. And while it’s not to my personal preference, I canΓÇÖt deny that heΓÇÖs on the mark of the appeal. The subject of the song assures woman that ΓÇ£heΓÇÖll be ready to fall / when the time is rightΓÇ¥ because he truly respects a womanΓÇÖs agency to choose him. He makes a pitch that he will treat her right, better than the dude sheΓÇÖs currently hooked up with (thus the refrain of ΓÇ£He ainΓÇÖt better than meΓÇ¥), but itΓÇÖs all up to her to come to his open arms.

His music video has the hypnotic quality in any desirable music video. Maneuvering his well-pecked body, Nick gazes wistfully at his imagined lover, dancing close to her, insisting he would be there for her should she choose him.

It’s obvious Nick isnΓÇÖt dancing off top charts anytime soon. HeΓÇÖs got an alluring style and a likable swagger. He earned his iHeart Radio’s Emerging Artist of the Week. His rise to fame involves an intriguing origin story, which started with songwriting in the college dorm. Like any millennial, Nick has confronted rejection after rejection┬ábut was able to reap the rewards of his ladder climb in the music industry. Impressively, Nick is his own boss man, who owns his own label, Massive -┬á distributed by RED Distribution┬áand Sony Music┬á┬á- at only 25 years old. Wow. This dude writes his own rules and his music inspires young millennials.

Along with viral rapper Zoey Dollaz, Nick is currently promoting the remix of “He AinΓÇÖt Better.” It debuts July 11 and airs all over radio airwaves worldwide July 31. Stay tuned for it.

Hizzy’s gorgeous face will surface on Billboard Magazine and on billboards in Time Square featuring clips of the new ΓÇ£He AinΓÇÖt BetterΓÇ¥ between July 11 and July 31. #HEAINTBETTER.

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