FIT SUMMER. Run Your Butt Off With On Your Mark: W New York – Downtown Run Club

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Hi Divas! As you know I’m a fitness fiend. But doing the same routine day after day, year after year gets boring. This summer, I’m on a mission to try new forms of exercise to challenge my mind as well as my physique. And if I lose a few pounds in the process, well that’s just icing on the protein shake! First up, a new weekly run hosted by W New York Downtown.

If I’m going to run I want to do it outside, so joining this new weekly fitness, On Your Mark: W New York – Downtown Run Club, in its partnership with Mile High Run Club seemed ideal. I was told that each session┬áwill “start with a 4 min dynamic warm-up┬áfollowed by a 30 ΓÇô 40 min run, finishing with 10┬áΓÇô 15 min of resistance training & core work,” which I figured I could handle. And then I saw the other participants. These are hard-core runners – indeed we went in a circle┬áwith the instructor and shared “Why We Run.” I explained it allowed me to do my first┬á5-K with my little sister (yes, shameless family plug here).

Still, I figured I could handle it. I’d just run at my own pace, which is exactly what I did once the pack tore off at what could only be a 6-plus MPH speed. I trotted along just fast enough to catch them as they did their warmup near the Hudson River. Our instructor then stated we’d be running a half-mile or so to the first pier off┬á our park route – and off they went. My PR guide stayed close to my pace so I could figure out where finally wound up. And indeed, with the water as my backdrop, it was a lovely run.

Once at the destination, the instructor partnered up runners: one would do a lap around the pier while the other did a lunge and pushup series. Due to a nagging injury, I partnered with myself to run in place (100 steps) plus my lunge/pushups. The instructor made sure to come over to me to give me some “you go girl” encouragement even if I wasn’t hitting the laps.

Then it was back to the start. I’ll admit, I took a little shortcut through the park to try catch up with the group. Once back at the hotel, I looked at my Endomondo – we had actually put in 3 miles over the course of the entire run!

This workout isn’t for everyone – you really need to have a good base of running beneath you to keep up with the pack. But if you have been running and want that extra push of camaraderie and competition, this is the perfect way to spend a Thursday evening. The best part? Heading upstairs afterward to the hotelΓÇÖs fifth Floor Living Room┬áfor the No Shower Happy Hour, which boasts a live DJ and a specialty mocktail – ours had watermelon and coconut, yum! – and cocktail menu to┬ádiscuss what personal run record you’ll be breaking next.

Strap on your running sneakers and join the On Your Mark Run Club at W New York Downtown (8 Albany St.), every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. Cost is $25 or $80 for a month.



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