Gina Neely’s 25-Pound Weight Loss – How You Can Lose 25 Pounds Fast Too!

By   |   May 30, 2013   |   Entertainment, Fitness

Gina Neely is 25 pounds lighter ΓÇô down to 123 lbs. ΓÇô thanks to a healthy new lifestyle food recipes. DivaGals spoke with the Food Network star and chef to get her weight loss secrets with the use of the George Foreman Grill!

Why did you decide to get healthy and lose the weight?

Honey, we’re always trying to achieve to be better. IΓÇÖll be 48 this year, getting close to that big 50, and I just wanted to look better and feel better, inside out. I really just wanted to make a change. In my family, we have a history of high pressure, and I didnΓÇÖt want to deal with those things when I hit 50. Then I got approached by George Foreman┬áand they kind of went hand-in-hand. Now I feel amazing, and I can’t believe how much energy I have.

Tell me about your 12-week George Foreman challenge?

On the George Foreman grill, all the meals are 500 calories or less. They break everything down: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it’s all in a book, so you don’t have to eat the same thing every day. What I want people to really understand, ┬áI had already been eating salmon. The George Foreman grill just added more flavor to it for me. I didn’t have to count calories.

Did you create any of your own recipes for the grill?

I created 15! The grilled fish tacos are really good. I use halibut because it’s a meatier fish. Sprinkle with some smoked paprika, kosher salt, ground pepper and cumin, add some lime and of course your corn tortillas and some iceberg lettuce. It’s very easy, quick and healthy. When you eat it, you don’t feel weighted down.

What are some of your favorite exercises?

I have a bridge near my house, so I’ll run the bridge once or twice. I’ve been walking with my girls. With that combination, you can achieve it.

When you lose weight, you’re body changes. What’s the first piece of new clothing you bought?

It was a bra! I was a 36DD. I’m now a 34C. I was glad to get rid some of those, girl. I was always very conscious of my arms, I’m wearing my arms out now.

Any other dieting tips?

I drink lots of water. I still have my cheat days. I’ll still have a glass of champagne, but for me, that’s like, heaven. And I spend my cheat days on chocolate!

Has life changed for your family?

My girls have started to work out and they eat with me. My daughter said to me the other day, “there’s no junk food in the house,” and I said, “I knowΓǪ” I didn’t ask them to do it. They were just tasting the things I was making and they liked it. Pat has lost 20 lbs. as well.

What’s next for the Neelys?

We’re shooting pictures for our third book, and I’m sure we’ll look completely different. You know, people can’t believe the weight loss. They I think I’ve had a gastric bypass. I tell them to get a George Foreman grill and get in a little exercise, and you too can look like this. It’s my LA body!

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  1. Miss Mae
    Sunday, September 29th, 2013
    Congratulations Ms. Gina, so proud of your accomplishments you are inspiring me to get healthy,can't wait for your new book to come out. Blessings and keep up the great work. I am on the path to a new me.
  2. Monday, September 30th, 2013
    Mrs. Neely, Was your total weight loss plan from the results of the George Foreman 12 week weight loss plan and does the diet plan come with the grill when you purchase it?
  3. Tanya Matthews
    Saturday, October 5th, 2013
    Looking good, Gina! I miss you and Pat's cooking show.
  4. Cheryl Moment
    Sunday, January 5th, 2014
    Gina, you go girl. You are looking good. Now start your recipes weight loss program.
  5. Linda
    Saturday, January 11th, 2014
    Ms. Gina, I just saw your interview on Rachel Ray and I want to tell you I'm truly inspired. I've just undergone surgery at the end of December as soon as I get my go ahead from my Dr. I will definitely be making serious lifestyle changes for my health as well I was told before I had my procedure that I needed to lose 25lbs and just want to say thanks you just gave me the push I need. You look Fabulous Honey Yes!!!
    Truly Inspired: Linda W.
  6. Marilyn Dinkins
    Sunday, March 9th, 2014
    You look amazing. You gave Mr inspiration to continue to keep my weight off. I had gastric bypass 5 yes ago. I lost 117 lbs. and have kept it off through exercise. Now after reading your article it has me wanting to do better thanks
  7. Mary Jamison
    Friday, March 21st, 2014
    Mrs Gina I Seen U On Rachel Ray Show I Was Shock. U Look. SO Beautiful Im Trying To. LOSE Weight. ITS Hard
    I HAVE R. A. THE Weight. IS working On My. BONES Needs Some. HELP. JUST Some. MEAL idea's And Exercise s
  8. Eleanor Cipriano
    Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
    Kudos to Gina........that's wonderful - BUT do not like how her face has changed drastically. I did not recognize her on the Steve Harvey show today.
  9. Stamphia
    Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
    I kept saying it was not you Gina. So l did a search on the Web about your weight loss. You look amazing and have given me a little more confidence that I too can change. Thanks
  10. Josephine
    Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
    I am not hating, weight loss is good.But, too much is too much.Gina,I do not like the entire weight lossAlso,maybe a different hair style will give you a better look.I am trying to loss some weight.
  11. Shunna
    Thursday, April 17th, 2014
    Gina you look F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S girl and those that are hating, let them! They wish they could look like you from...head to toe. I've followed you and Pat from the beginning and feel like I'm a part of the family because you two are real in all that you do. As I stated yesterday at the book signing of your third book, keep striving for an even more better life because girl I'm with you all the way, we are going to make "50" wish they would have...LOL
    Many Blessings and Love!
  12. nora
    Friday, April 18th, 2014
    I love Gina and pat however I think she has lost too much weight for her face structure. I really thought she had been ill when I saw her on steve Harvey show.if she likes it that is what counts.
  13. Cassandra Jurney
    Friday, May 9th, 2014
    Congrats on the weight loss Gina and Pat! I have to agree with Nora. When I saw Gina's face, she really looked older and ill. I didn't recognize her until I saw her handsome husband next to her. Take care of yourself and maintain a healthy weight. Don't lose it too fast!
  14. Tiffany M. Williams
    Wednesday, May 14th, 2014
    Gina when I saw you I got scared.I said to myself Gina is on that stuff.I saw you for the first time on wife swap.I know you want to be healthier but this is not a good look.Please put some weight back on.I watch down home with the neelys all the time and the part I love is the way Pat looks at you with so much love.When on wife swap he hardley even looked at you.That man is going to leave you.You don't look right but I still love you guys and I thought you were beautiful just the way you were.
  15. Leslie
    Saturday, May 24th, 2014
    WOW Tiffany, did you REALLY just say that?! I am sorry, but that was a positively awful thing to write to someone that you profess to "Love"! (I'd probably be mortified to see how you'd address someone that you hate) Gina, I just got done watching you and your hubby on your episode of Celebrity Wife Swap, and I must admit that I did not recognize you at first, but girlfriend, you look FIERCE, and I am SO proud of you for commiting to a healthier lifestyle! I TOTALLY disagree with those who say that you "don't look right", or that your hubby does not look at you the same, and for anyone to suggest that your husband is "going to leave you" simply because you've lost weight is utterly absurd!!! I say that the haters need to spend more time sweeping around their own backyards and worry less about what's going on with you and your man! You look great lady! Keep up the good work! :)
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