FITNESS GAL's 48 Hours of Non-Stop Fitness: A Survival Plan

By   |   January 19, 2011   |   Fitness

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Recently I went on a 48-hour workout spree. Well, it ended up that way.

This past Saturday, I started the morning teaching a spin class, followed by body sculpting. I was called in a couple hours later to sub for a fellow instructor.

A good friend then invited me to a Saturday Night Live after-party that started at 2 a.m. in morning Sunday. And then those crazy kids had an after after-party!

Being the ultimate party girl and believing my body can take just about anything, I pushed it beyond its limits. I moved my hips all night long, or should I say morning? I literally was the last person on the dance floor while the crowd continuously cheered me on.

Being the spot light diva I am, I continued to twist and wind my hips until I wore the DJ down. I howled at him, ΓÇ£What happened? You tiredΓǪΓÇ¥ He shook his head “yes,” and began to clap, proclaiming me the winner.

I got home about 10 a.m. on Sunday — way after the first light broke the sky — showered and slept. I woke up later that night around 7 p.m. and could not move. I literally was screaming ouch, ouch, ouch!

My hamstrings and calves were swollen, obviously from my workouts and the fancy heels I danced in. I could not even touch my toes or sit on chair without feeling excruciating pain. My arms were burning from the waving and cheering which activated the bi’s, tri’s and delts. My abs looked great, but they were burning too.

The type of pain I put myself in meant I needed to find a remedy to deal with my overexertion. So I spoke with Dr. Chris Oswald, who owns and operates one of Canada’s leading chiropractic clinics. Here’s his suggestions to ease the pain.

If you are able to do this before bed, these three things are best.

  • Drink lots of water. Muscles are 75 percent fluid. Water will help your muscles metabolize lactic acid and metabolic waste products from exertion.
  • Hop in a hot epsom salt bath to draw out toxins.
  • Use Dr. Oswald’s muscleCare ice roll-on on the overused areas. It very quickly reduces pain, improves circulation and takes down swelling. You can use it after your bath. Pick up the products you need here.
  • Take Calcium-Magnesium and Vitamin D, 500-1000 mg., to help replace minerals and prevent muscle stiffness.

Dr. Oswald also suggests getting some more movement if you’re stiff. “Science suggests that you stretch, walk or swim,” he shares. “Water is great for muscle stiffness. Rest only if you’re in severe pain.”

It’s a plan I plan to follow the next time I pull a marathon of movement!

Work It Out, No Matter What.
Fitness Gal

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