FITNESS GAL: A Fitness State of Mind

By   |   December 8, 2010   |   Fitness

S’up “Gals” readers: Fitness Gal is back!

So you swear you don’t have the time or place to exercise? Well today I want to open your mind to what I call a “Fitness State of Mind,” which ultimately will lead you to a fitness type of lifestyle!

It only takes a few minutes to turn an everyday routine into a quick blast workout. So drop and give me 20 as you read about some of my fave quick ways to blast myself into shape!

SITTING AT YOUR DESK ΓÇô leg extensions for killer QUADRICEPS.
What you need – your own body weight
Sit up straight in your chair, abs pulled in and feet flat on floor. Lift one foot up till it is parallel with your knees and then lower it down slowly. Do about 20 reps, then repeat with the other leg, and I promise you will feel the difference. Try three different sets: for the first set angle your feet inward, the second set angle your feet straight, and the third set angle outward, which emphasizes different muscle fibers in the area.

AT THE POST OFFICE ΓÇô heel raises for a good CALF workout.
What you need – Your own body weight, again.
DonΓÇÖt be shy; stand on the ball of your feet and flex your heels up and down to work those calves. Try three sets of 15 while you’re picking up your holiday stamps.

WHILE WATCHING TV ΓÇô squats to hit those THIGHS.
What you need ΓÇô Did you think “body weight,” haha!
Stand up in front of the couch, arms extended in front of you and feet slightly wider than your hips and lower down until you’re hovering inches over the couch. Stand back up. Do as many as you can during each commercial break. Or while cooking, squat while stirring your (whole wheat) pasta.

BEFORE BRUSHING YOUR TEETH ΓÇô crunches for sculpted ABS.
What You Need ΓÇô Can you guess? (hint: Your body weight!)
When you roll out of bed in the morning, even before you brush your teeth, complete 100 crunches. Start with 10 or 20 and work your way up to 100. Then just before you brush your teeth before you go to bed, complete another 100 crunches. This will help keep your abs nice and tight. You can never do too many abdominal crunches, so you should at least get your morning and good night abdominal workouts in.

TAKING THE STEPS instead of the elevator will give you an instant BUTT LIFT. Sure, this is a familiar routine, but (no pun intended!) it works. Take two to three steps at a time, extend the leg behind you and squeeze your butt to lift your leg to hip level. Hold for two counts, squeezing your glutes and then lower your leg. Repeat on other leg. Oh the burn…. It’s so satisfying. I tell yah, my gluteus maximus never felt tighter.

Eat well, be well and live a FITNESS TYPE of LIFESTYLE, whether you’re in the gym… or not!

Working it out… no matter what!
Fitness Gal

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