FITNESS GAL: Dance Turkey Dance!

By   |   November 22, 2010   |   Fitness

Fitness Gal is getting you moving this Thanksgiving holiday, so you don’t feel like the butterball!

So most to all of your family has come over to celebrate this festive holiday. EveryoneΓÇÖs laughing, fighting, eating or drinking. But nonetheless, you’re all there for one purpose — to break bread together.

So after all the turkey has been gobbled and you have crammed your belly with stuffing, the guilt starts setting in.

You might say to yourself, ΓÇ£IΓÇÖve worked out all this week, and now I’ve blown it all off in one day.ΓÇ¥

Or ΓÇ£I hadnΓÇÖt worked our in a while and this Thanksgiving dinner just added pounds to my fat.ΓÇ¥

Here’s my advice to you all:

GET UP! Get up off that couch and dance, dance, dance, dance! Get your booty shaking!

I don’t care if it’s a slow jam to Al Greene or if you’re dancing to the likes of Usher, Fiona Apple or whateva comes on the radio. If you shake your booty for 30 minutes before you dig in and 30 minutes afterwards, you’ll have squeezed in an hour of cardio, which is sure to offset some of mom’s cranberry stuffing and creamed spinach.

Yes, Thanksgiving is the perfect day to eat and taste everything that comes to the table — ThatΓÇÖs what Thanksgiving is for. It’s a time to be thankful for what you have: family and friends and food and memories to laugh about. There’s no need to turn a perfect holiday into perfect guilt.

So definitely don’t destroy it by worrying about weight gain… Just dance! Get up and do the silliest dance you can think of and the calories will burn. Need help? Grab the youngest kid at the festivities and dance with him or her.

Remember, dancing adds to the wonderful memories of family and thankfulness.

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