Getting Lean, New York Style

By   |   April 5, 2011   |   Fitness

Hey Fitness Gal Readers! I told you last week it was time to get lean with NYlean25, a comprehensive exercise and diet program to get lean in four weeks. Sweet!

Fitness Gal keeps it moving… no matter what. But my girl TV DivaGal has been hibernating all winter on her couch (watching all that good TV, no doubt!). She definitely needed a tune-up, so I recruited her to take the challenge. Check back weekly for updates on her progress. Take it on, TV DivaGal.

Thanks Fitness Gal! Yes, I did spend a lot the colder days sipping hot cocoa and munching on chocolate chip cookies in my toasty apartment! I knew slipping back into my bikini wasn’t going to be pretty. Then FG told me about the NYlean25 program. I could shape up in the time it takes to watch my fave sitcoms. And then she showed me a pic of the instructor, Robert Brace ΓÇô former dancer turned fitness lieutenant. Ummm, yeah, I can handle that.

The first class took place last Friday at Twirl Fitness in Harlem, N.Y. The two-story studio looked sleek with its white furniture and wall-long mirrors. Robert’s smooth English accent put us at ease (and keeps you smiling as he barks out orders to give him another 20 squats). His team took our weights, measurements and body fat ΓÇô ummm, was that number really over 25 percent? It was time for a killer workout!

Robert explained the program would be broken down into body parts: the first week we’d concentrate on legs, and then core, upper body and a combination of all for the final week. And then it began…

Usually, 25 minutes doesn’t feel too long. But when you’re squatting and lifting and running and punching, you can work up a sweat. The legs did get a bit of a beating, in a good way, but so did the abs, the arms, the shoulder and the heart. Feel the burn!

After class, we restored our bodies with water, apples and an Atkins Day Break Bar; mine was peanut butter fudge crisp. It’s only 150 calories with seven grams fat and 10 grams protein. But it tasted heavenly.

STEAL THIS MOVE: Jump Squats. Start in an upright position with fingers pointing to the floor. Bend at the hips until thighs are parallel to the floor and fingertips are barely brushing it. Now explode up into a jump. Land on both feet and start the process again for ten reps.

Ready to join me as I get in tip top shape with Robert? If you’re in New York City, you can in person (I’ll be working out in the mornings at Astor Place). Get the class schedule here.

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