Your Own Personalized Shape-Up Plan For Spring

By   |   March 7, 2011   |   Fitness

The weather’s getting better (finally!), and IΓÇÖm sure all you Fitness Gal fans are eager to hit the bricks jogging to shape those legs, firm that butt and tighten those abs for the season.

Lets face it, this was a brutal winter, and working out might have taken a back seat from time to time.

But just think about those short skirts and who’s wearing short shorts, and oh my, and bikini season is closing in. Motivated now? WhoΓÇÖs not!

Fitness Gal is here to guide all of your fitness passion into a workout thatΓÇÖs fun, sexy and injury-free. Just tune in regularly over the next few weeks as I take you through your own personalized fitness plan to get in shape for Spring. Today, we discuss how to get back to fitness when it’s taken a winter vacation.

Build a Solid Base of Fitness. If you have been inactive most of the winter, start your exercise program with slow, steady aerobic sessions. Jog for fifteen minutes, run in place for ten minutes or jump rope for a count of 50; getting your body used to movement again is important. If you’re taking a class, donΓÇÖt jump into the advance class right away; go for a beginner or intermediate one and work your way up.

DonΓÇÖt Be Too Hard On Yourself. If you have taken off the winter, know it will take about six weeks to get back into that warm weather shape. Peak fitness will not be found in two weeks, so plan accordingly. Start with three cardio sessions and one weight-bearing program weekly. By week three, add another cardio session and one more weight-bearing routine. You can also lengthen your cardio session by five minutes each week (until you are at 45 minutes) for that extra burn. By week five, the weather will be nice, so plan a day of outdoor activities and you’ll be in that bikini in no time.

Train with Others at Your Fitness Level. If youΓÇÖre easing back into fitness, donΓÇÖt go and try to keep up with the ΓÇÿAΓÇÖ personality types. Your body needs to readjust to activity, and trying to be the best too fast is a quick way to get injured. Grab your best girl and choose a workout intensity level for the day that challenges you, but be sure you two are on the same level of fitness. This will help you both progress at a proper pace. At this time, the ΓÇÿAΓÇÖ types are great to watch for motivation. And don’t worry, we’ll will catch up with them later!

Have fun, how can you not? The weather is getting warm, the sun is being reborn and you’re on your way to a better body.

Up next… Sexy legs for the short skirt. Your Spring body is coming…

Keep It Moving, No Matter What!
Fitness Gal

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