FITNESS GAL'S 12 Days of FITNESS Day 11: Poetry Workout!

By   |   December 24, 2010   |   Fitness

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Hey there Fitness Gal fans! HereΓÇÖs my situation.

This 11th day of Xmas happens to be my niece GabrielleΓÇÖs sixth birthday. She gets to do whateva she wants, and I vow to listen. Sooooo….

I really didnΓÇÖt have the time to hit the gym
If I was at gym, wouldΓÇÖve gotten it in
And if I was at the gym, I’d have taken Spin
But I gotta work it out with my next of kin!

So I front lunge across the floor
Quads burn so good that I wanted more
Grab my bosu ball and worked on my core
Felt like I was on a fitness tour!

A day without cardio, just say “nope!”
So I went looking for my jump rope
Did three sets of a hundred, and I felt dope
Lunge side to side on my floor, my own ski slope!

Fell to the floor to do some abs
Looked to my right and there was Gab
No neva, neva, neva gonna have any flab
We crunched like supastars feeling fab.

I didnΓÇÖt hesitate to grab my weight
Worked my biΓÇÖs and triΓÇÖs, and I felt great
Then to Rockefeller Center, to ice-skate
Gonna finally learn how to do a figure-eight.

See, the key is just to work it out no matter what…
Me and Gab — we tearing it up!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
Fitness Gal

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