FITNESS GAL's 12 Days of Fitness Day 4: Back Strategy!

By   |   December 17, 2010   |   Fitness

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Oh my back, my poor aching back — how does Santa do it! Carrying around a sack full of toys from house to house can really put on strain on the lumber spine!

On Fitness Gal’s fourth day to Christmas that’s keeping you fit for the holidays, I am going to divulge how to keep your back strong, and boy will you need it — lifting, bending, pulling and carrying a child in your right hand and a ton of shopping bags in the other, all while pushing the shopping cart… and to think an octopus has eight arms! Here you are stuck with two and doing just as much. The key to having a strong back? It starts at the core.

STABILITY BALL BACK EXTENSIONS: Lie on your stomach on the Stability Ball (or a folded pillow on the floor will suffice) with your feet spread slightly and your toes anchoring your position on the floor. Curl your torso forward over the ball and clasp your hands behind your head. Contract your lower back muscles to lift your upper body slightly back; pause at the top and then lower slowly. Do three sets of 10-12.

Fellow fitness gals, I’m proud of you for following my advice. Your doing your 100 crunches in the morning and again before you sleep, yay! Here’s another way of to keep those abs engaged.

THE CONTRACTION: While seated in your office chair, pull out the top desk draw level with your stomach, adjust your chair as needed, then sliding your chair close to the drawer till your stomach touches it. Sit up straight and use your stomach to push the drawer back in. Do three sets, 8 reps each.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to sleep in a supportive and comfortable bed. An orthopedic or contoured pillow can help you keep your back strong. Add them to your Christmas wish list if you don’t have them already and sleep soundly with dreams of roasted chestnuts dancing around in your head.

Work It Out… No Matter What!!
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