Five Things To Check Before You Buy Your Dream House

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Hey DivaGals! One of our biggest goals for 2018 is to buy a new home. And we’re already doing research on being the best first-time homeowner ever (positive manifestation, ladies!).

So before you sign on that dotted line for your Diva dream house – you’re gonna need to check some things. You can always get professionals for the cosmetic fixes later, but there are some things you just cannot ignore, especially if youΓÇÖre planning to move in right away. The following are some very useful tips every first-time homeowner should know.

Check All Plumbing Fixtures. Turn on all the faucets to check if they’re functional. You may need to replace some of those right away in case they aren’t working. However, you can also fix new faucets if you want those that are according to your style and choice. Instead of doing all this on your own, it’s always better to get this done by the professionals. To get more information, visit

Don’t forget to check if the shower head has the required water pressure. Also, see if the toilet flush is working properly. If there is a plumbing issue, you can take notes and plan to get them fixed or bring it up to your seller for inclusive repairs in the sale.

Don’t Ignore Downstairs. Ladies, the basement is an important part of your property. (After all, this could be extra closet space or a new tech den!). Damage to this area can lead to costly repairs. Conduct a detailed examination to look for problems. Check the walls and ceilings for moisture. Sniff hard in the area and let your nose be the detector for musty or damp odors residing in the basement.┬áLook around to find any signs of leakage. Rotting wood and water droplets on the beams are some clear indications. These moisture and leakage problems could be associated with a plumbing issue in the basement. Make sure you get them checked before finalizing the paperwork.┬áAnother area you shouldn’t miss out is the crawl space. These are easy to ignore but can cause really costly repairs if the foundations have cracks and moisture.

Check for Electrical Problems. This may be one left up to the professionals. If you don’t consider yourself competent enough to do this on your own, don’t take any risk. Ask a professional electrician to help you check the fuse box and breakers to see if there are any faults with electricity. Get electrical outlets checked to ensure theyΓÇÖre in working condition. And make sure you have enough outlets around the house for all your life needs.┬á┬á

Test The Heater and Air Conditioner. Depending on the weather, youΓÇÖll need to use one of these right after you move in. So it’s best to check both heating and air-conditioning systems before signing the papers. You can hire an expert to check the inspect HVAC system so you can easily confirm that it doesnΓÇÖt require any additional repairs. Have builit-in air conditioning , but it isn’t working, you need to look into┬áac repair services. If the cost of repair is significant, get this adjusted into the cost of the property.

Inspect The Garage. If you are living in an area where your car gets as much action as your home – you’ll want a garage – and it needs to be checked as well!┬áThe interior and the exterior of the garage should also be examined – check the ceiling and the floor to look for cracks and stains. Make sure the garage’s sidings are clean and in good condition. The garage doors may be manual or automatic, but try them for yourself if they work flawlessly.

Happy house hunting Divas!


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