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Five Ways To Make Cougar Town Work

By   |   September 24, 2009   |   Entertainment
Needs a little work done <br> credit: ABC

Needs a little work done credit: ABC

The TV DivaGal watched the premiere of Cougar Town last night.

While the premise — Courteney Cox plays a 40-year-old divorcee who finds herself back in the dating pool after 20 years of marriage — should be a ton of laughs, last night’s episode left me feeling kinda flat.

All is not lost! TV DivaGal has come up with five great ways to make the show work even better. (Bill Lawrence, feel free to take notes!)

1. Stop having Jules complain so much about dating. Dating is rough. You never know what to wear, what to say and if you should give it all up before he calls for date no. two. Hearing Jules whine about how much easier her fellow male counterparts have it isn’t gonna change that. Seriously Jules, you’ve got the body that rivals any 20-year-old’s and your own house to use it in. No guy under 30 in his right mind is going to turn down the chance to get at your 1000-count sheets, and you can actually afford them. So don’t hate, celebrate!

2. Make Grayson a little tolerable. We can pretty much assume that somewhere down the line, Jules is going to hook up with her hot neighbor, who she despises since he’s always bringing home some random young thing to score with (angry tirade = hot makeup sex!).┬á But right now, he really doesn’t seem to have any redeeming qualities for us to root for them getting together. Showing a little more of his compassionate side would definitely seal my affinity for Grayson, in footed PJs or not.

3. Bring on more of the “real” cougar: fellow realtor Barbara Coman. I had seen Barbara motioning to grab Jules’ first young conquest’s butt a thousand times in the the series promos, and it still made me laugh. She is set to be the opposite of Jules, who’s having trouble with the whole “Cougar” concept, but I think she could be her shining beam of light when it comes to navigating the sea of younger men. After all, it doesn’t hurt to have an expert along board when you’re hitting rough waters!

4. Speaking of younger men… The show is called Cougar Town, so we’re all expecting to see lots of them, mostly under-dressed.

5. If someone is gonna get busy with a kicker line, let it be Busy. Busy Philipps that is. Funniest line of the night? Her character Laurie dropping Jules’ boy toy off at her house and screaming, “You left that at the bar, b*tch.” Reel Jules back a bit so we can totally connect with her experience of being a woman looking for Mr. Right, the second time around, and let Laurie be the unreasonable voice of reason.

Cougar Town airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.

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