FOX Press Tour Summer ’16: Laverne Cox Is The Frank-N-Furter for 2016! Which Cartoon Character Tim Meadows Thinks Is Hot!

By   |   August 9, 2016   |   Entertainment

TV DivaGal has officially taken TV Press Tour by storm! First stop: FOX!

One of the biggest anticipated events on FOX is their upcoming production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But don’t call it a remake. “I like to think we are paying tribute to great artists,” says legendary stage veteran Ben Vereen, who is playing Dr. Everett Scott. “You can not remake the Rocky Horror film, it is an iconic piece… but we can pay honor to it.” Laverne Cox, who plays Dr. Frank-N-Furter, gave one of the greatest auditions of all time for the role, which made the casting decision super easy. Laverne has wanted to star the role since she was a little child. “She’s a force: five-octave range, degree in dance from a major university, acting her heart out and studying for 15 years — walking in and bringing something into the room, that all made us realize there was no B plan,” exclaimed the special’s executive producer/director/choreographer Kenny Ortega. We can’t wait to do the time warp again with this crew!

SNL vet Tim Meadows is on the new live action/animated hybrid Son of Zorn, which got the panel talking — about which cartoon character they’d like to … have relations with. With his deadpan timing down cold, Tim replied, “It was always Betty and Veronica,” with a leaning to the dark-haired beauty if he had to chose one (wonder if he’ll be watching The CW’s new series Riverdale midseason!). The panel continued, and toward the end, during a lull, Tim piped up that Catwoman is pretty hot too.

We’re so ready for Pitch! Meagan Holder plays Evelyn Sanders, the female phenom who breaks the glass ceiling in professional baseball. During the show’s panel, we learned Meagan comes from a pretty athletic background: both her father and brother played professional sports, as did she. So how long did it take her to master a fast/curve/shut-out-game ball? “The first pitch I threw out was wonky and two the left,” she confessed. But within two weeks in, she had her pitch down pat. Meagan explained that this young girl, like many young girls in baseball, get shut-out once they reach a certain age, and now as a young woman she is just going after what she loves to do.

photo credit: FOX

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