GAL APPROVED! Get Rid Of Mask-Caused Breakouts With Recovery Repair Kit!

By   |   August 6, 2021   |   Gal Approved

CLEAR. Desperate to get rid of bad breakouts under your mask? The Maskne Recovery Kit is to the rescue! So what is this recovery system to keep clear skin? Read on!

What Is “Maskne?”

“Maskne” is the regular cause of breakouts  (hormone & acne-prone skin), plus issues caused by the friction and rubbing to your face, as well as skin’s reaction to the expelled toxins we breathe out and get caught in your mask. 

What Does The Maskne Recovery Kit Do?

The Maskne Recovery Kit is the first one to tackle all those maskne issues.  It prevents, treats, heals and removes sweat and toxins from your skin, and calms irritation as well.

What Does The Maskne Recovery Kit Include?

The Maskne Recovery Kit includes:

MaskneRecovery™Mist. Containing 16 high-quality botanicals noted for their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and healing properties, the mist works together to soothe, clear and hydrate the skin.  A rare form of aloe is in the mix of a rose-water base.

A Fan. Don’t just spray and bolt! Use the fan to dry the mist, as damp skin under your mask could cause more problems.

Defense Dots. These are hydrocolloidal patches that protect and speed the heeling of pimples and irritations.

Takeaway Papers. Use them to remove sweat, oil and grime off your face.

Where Can I Get Maskne Recovery Kit?

Get yours at


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