Meeting A Matchmaker: First Person Account!

By   |   May 12, 2011   |   Entertainment, Lifestyle

Last week we brought you the news of a national search by Celebrity Matchmaker Kalien Rosenberg, founder and president of Master Love and Life Architect, to find a wife for a 36-year-old millionaire. We weren’t going to pass this chance up. So we send our newest DivaGal Nichole on assignment and become a match with her possible future husband! Here’s her story:

Sitting in the Ritz Carlton across from Central Park, I’m interviewed by a gorgeous petite blonde named Kailen Rosenberg. She’s a love and life architect who is currently looking for a mate for her newest client: a 36-year-old, 6-foot-4 retired Wall Street tycoon who originally comes from the mid-west. I’ll nickname him “Dapper Dan.”

Kailen asks all types of questions from “Where are you from?” to “Tell me about your mom and dad,” and I answer them all. I want to make sure she knows I’m not afraid to answer any question, and I’m an open book.

I know you’re probably wondering why is Nichole sitting with a matchmaker? Well, Kailen’s style is light years away from another famous matchmaker we all know. Kailen offers counseling for single people looking for love, as well as for married couples looking to restore or revive love and heal their union — a sort of perestroika for relationships, if you will.

But back to what happened… We gab, we laugh, we gab some more and we share bits of info on ourselves. Kailen is married and absolutely loves her husband and career. When it comes to Dapper Dan, she’s “honored to represent him.” This makes me smile because I am talking with a person who is showing me she believes in her services and in the client she is representing, and most importantly, she believes in herself. And that makes me like her a lot.

The interview seems to go by so fast, and then it’s over. I feel like we just got started!

I’ll have wait to see if I’m one of the lucky ladies who will get to meet Dapper Dan, the man who wants to “travel the world with his girlfriend, propose and get married. Then travel the world with his wife, settle down, have children, and then travel the world with his family.” I want to scream. Scream!

But even if I’m not selected (by the way, I was a part of a very carefully hand-picked group), I don’t walk away empty-handed. Kailen leaves me with great words of wisdom when it comes to finding love and relationships.

“Know who you are first. Find any brokenness within and heal it. Love and protect yourself, because you’re all you’ve got.”

To learn more about Kailen Rosenberg as the love and life architect check out:

photo credit: Pixomar/, Kailen Rosenberg

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