GAL APPROVED! Trip With Charlie. Golf-Inspired Jewelry. Power Snacks. CBD Products. New Wardrobe App!

By   |   November 15, 2019   |   Gal Approved

WATCH. There’s a new Charlie’s Angels on the horizon! In this newest reboot of the iconic female spy franchise, the Townsend Agency has gone global with Angels secretly saving the world from sea to shining sea. “Bosley” is now a rank term and anyone, as you can see in an opening sequence, can be a Bosley. This time, the Angels are pulled into a case when a brilliant young scientist named Elena (Naomi Scott) discovers a major flaw in her company’s new invention. While designed to bring electricity to the masses without having to be on a power grid, the sphere — if reprogrammed — can be used as a weapon of mass destruction. Actress/director Elizabeth Banks is the force behind this rendition of the Angels, and she’s making sure the new incarnation are badasses that embody the ideals of female empowerment. There are twists, turns and lots of action, so much that the movie is all over the place at times. But it boasts one of the most diverse Charlie’s Angel cast to date (Ella Balinska¬†and Djimon Hounsou also star); has amazing wardrobe and some fun, not-to-be-missed cameos. And we just have to shout out Kristen Stewart, who is finally cast in the role she was born to play. We say take a ride with these Angels, you’ll definitely feel the rush. Charlie’s Angels, now playing nationwide.

RENT. Speaking of wardrobes… Ready to make some money at the dry cleaners? Wardrobe is a new app that allows you to take those designer items you only wear every once in a while and rent them to other fashionistas, who pick them up at their local NYC dry-cleaning store. It’s a great way to share fashion, be eco-conscious and make a few coins. Our only gripe? It’s only available on iPhone! Check out Wardrobe today.

SNACK. Ever feel like you need a nosh, but just don’t know what to nibble on? The DivaGals have discovered Rico’s Power Bites. These peanut butter chocolate chip snacks are made with organic ingredients with no added sugars, and they have nine grams of protein. The eco-friendly packaging and resealable bag make Rico’s Power Bites easy to transport. Clocking in at only 170 calories per bag, you may eat the whole thing in one sitting! Get yours at

ENJOY. Protect yourself. It’s cold and flu season and we can’t get enough of CBD wellness products! High Falls Hemp New York has a collection of tinctures and softgels for oral consumption as well as lotions. Gluten and cruelty-free and organic, it’s a great way to boost your immune system.

Moon Mother Hemp Co. offers a range of CBD oils and scrubs to help you nourish, renew and glow. They are beautifully packaged and the aroma is out this world, yum! My face says “thanks!”

WEAR. Looking for a new piece of jewelry? We learned that golf expert Ann Liguori has her own collection while celebrating her Resident magazine cover. Her Hamptons Rope Collection is a collaboration with Holly Daniels Christensen and Dune Jewelry. It contains hand-crafted, sterling silver or vermeil pieces that can be filled with sand from your favorite golf course or beach. The collection features a necklace, earrings, rings, bracelets and cufflinks, so there’s something for everyone you know!

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