GAL APPROVED Weekend: Warm Blankets, Hot Soup and Cool Drinks During Storm Sandy

By   |   November 2, 2012   |   Entertainment, Gal Approved

Many of our DivaGals are based here in New York City, which was slammed by Storm Sandy this week. While some of us lost power and water, we are all safe, thankfully. Here are some of the products that helped us get through the storm.

BUNDLE. You’re stuck at home with a nor’easter; this is the perfect opportunity to be creative and spontaneous. That’s exactly what we did when we pulled out our Landsend Pendelton Stadium blanket and set up a lovely candle light dinner for two (since our electricity was out!), just like our favorite couple Monroe and Rosalee from our favorite show Grimm. It pays to plan ahead as it may be a rough winter, so get the picnic blanket that can be used all year long.

HEAR. TVDivaGal was extremely blessed during the storm, as I kept my power and water. My small studio became a technology hub for many of my friends who were not so lucky. Thank goodness for my Phantom Boomphones. These sleek-looking headphones have a dual personality ΓÇô they are also external speakers. Which means I was able to play music from my computer and keep my house guests happy, and them slip them back into headphones to tune everyone out when I needed a little me time. Available in black or white ($150) at

STIR. After the storm, we just wanted to bunker down with a nice, hot bowl of soup. Luckily, we have Knorr Homestyle Stock reduced sodium chicken. Luxe Gal loves to cook, so she reached into TV DivaGal’s working fridge for frozen vegetables and leftover roaster chicken, boiled some rice and mixed her findings up in a pan. The result? Warming and delicious!

DRINK. After going through something like Storm Sandy, you need a drink without the hassle. Enter Daily’s Cocktails Original Frozen Pouches. These cute little wine-based pouches are complete cocktails without the muss or fuss. All you have to do is freeze them and serve — the alcohol is already in there. We loved the Pina Colada and Lemonade flavors — and our waist is happy for the Light Strawberry Margarita. We can’t wait to try the Hard Cider and Spiced Sangria as the weather gets cooler; both can be served warm or chilled. Find out where you can pick up a pouch by visiting

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