GAL APPROVED Weekend! Backwards Movie, Secret Princes and Celebrity Cocktails! Plus Hot Fashion Week Lounge VIDEO!

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SEE. BackwardsΓǪ Sometimes, your dreams have to be dashed so you can finally start living. So is the case for Abigail Brooks, a would-be US Olympic rower who quits the team when she doesn’t make it in the boat. Abi moves back home and takes a job coaching the row team at her former high school, and that’s when her life truly does become golden. Written by Sarah Megan Thomas, a former rower, it’s the classic tale of the person who thinks they have lost everything ΓÇô only discover that her life is just beginning. Along with a poignant performance from James Van Der Beek as Abagail’s athletic director boss ΓÇô and her former high school boyfriend — there are incredibly beautiful shots of rowing which, as Abigail points out, shows how this under-recognized sport is not only a challenging athletic endeavor (the training scenes for the Olympic hopefuls is grueling), it’s also an art. Watching this movie may make you want to plan a New England getaway to see the races in action. Opens today in limited theatrical release. Also available on VOD.

WATCH. In TLC’s new docuseries Secret Princes, four real life princes shed their royal titles (at least for a month!) and relocate in Atlanta, Ga. in hopes of finding women who will love them for who they are and not their title. It’s going to be a hard struggle. Because of their royal means, they’ve never done any hard labor ΓÇô or shared a bathroom for that matter, and all is put to the test as they share a house, find menial jobs (they’re not going to use their trust funds during their stay) and try to meet girls without waving the potential princess crown. Of course, Lord Robert Walters, who is using the name Tate Morgan (after the Showtime character Dexter Morgan), goes to work but actually doesn’t do any, other than hit on all the hard-working attractive women there. Luckily, he’s incredibly handsome, so he’ll probably get away with it. Prince Francisco of Spain, known as Cisco, will probably have the easiest time with the ladies since he has attended American schools and gets the culture. I’ve got my eye on Honourable Ludovic Watson of Houghton Hall, who goes by Waldo. This geeky English lord seems most open to trading in his royal life for a regular Joe one and really genuinely connecting with someone (then again he’s only 23, so what does he know?). The test will probably be most difficult on Prince Salauddin Babi of India, who really loves living the life of the privileged. It will be fun to watch these guys hopefully learn something about themselves as they search for finding Ms. Right ΓÇô and even better if she has her own Coming to America moment and takes that crown! Secret Princes premieres Friday, Sept 21 at 10 p.m. on TLC.

INDULGE. Fashion Week Hot Lounge! Check out our coverage of the GBK Lounge with Image Gal!

DRINK. Enjoy a Hollywood cocktail favorite of Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake, Jamie Foxx, Matthew McConaughey and of course, the Foo Fighters. It’s just in time for the the Global Citizen Festival. If you can’t be in NYC to enjoy the live event tune in online and enjoy the concert and the Star Rum Punch cocktail online in the comfort of your home. Here is the recipe for a diva-licious good time:

2oz. Starr African Rum
1oz. Blended fresh blueberries
1/2oz. Fresh lime juice
1/4oz. Agave nectar
1/4oz. Ginger syrup

Mix and serve over ice. For more info on the concert go to

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