GAL APPROVED Weekend: Earth-Friendly Hand Cream; Smell Like Style and Anonymous: The Movie Review!

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SEE. When thinking of poetry, literature and all that is beautiful in the arts, we think Edgar Allan Poe, Lord Byron and Shakespeare. Ah, Shakespeare! When thinking of the famed playwright, we donΓÇÖt necessarily imagine political estrangement, and how much it was looked down upon back in the year 1600. After all, celebrating Shakespeare is something that is universally done through master works such as Hamlet, Julius Caesar and Romeo & Juliet, the ultimate tragic romance. There are countless wondrous words, sonnets, and poems by Shakespeare. But could it be possible that Shakespeare was fraud? As history tells it, there are no drafts of his work, just final manuscripts. No work is composed and finalized in one piece, especially in a time written with only pen on paper. The new movie Anonymous has a rather shocking explanation for this oddity. Set in England, Edward de Vere, 17th┬á Earl of Oxford, is taken in by a royal family in order to improve on his studies: language, geography and mathematics. As of the moment he asks about poetry, the film shows how his life started to get a little complicated, but the EarlΓÇÖs passion to write never leaves him. Age, marriage and children, all came and sifted by him, but in his head, the ΓÇ£voices never leaveΓÇ¥ and promised to drive him mad if ignored. To refuse tainting his family name, the Earl sought a poor aspiring playwright to execute his works on stage to share with all of England. Ultimately, the Earl granted credit to an ΓÇ£AnonymousΓÇ¥ for his works, and later an actor, just wanting to see his beauty of poetry be lived and loved by the everyday people. Through the incest, countless children, adultery and political fraud, the world saw the art and gracious eye of a true playwright, even if he may have gone away unknown and forgotten. The film presents a case, and it is one tough to look past. “To be, or not to be.” That is definitely the question. Anonymous opens nationwide today. (Gabriela Billini)

SLOW. In a world that moves so quickly, it’s nice to know that some people are taking the time to slow down. That’s the philosophy behind SpaRitual, a company that specializes in self-care products that help bring a little calmness into our lives. The DivaGals got schooled on the Slow Movement at a lovely editor’s breakfast at the Terrace of Gramercy Park Hotel. Carl Honore, author of In Praise of Slowness, filled us in on how everything ΓÇô businesses, classrooms, even entire cities, are benefiting from unplugging from technology and getting back to a more moderate pace of life. “” “Hewlett Packard put out a report warning that the constant barrage of electronic interruptions causes our I.Q. to fall ten points,” he declared, surmising that “Being always on makes you more stupid.” Shocking! That’s why you gotta take time out for some SpaRitual time, whose offerings are vegan and earth-friendly. We can’t get enough of SpaRitual’s Handprint Hydrating Salve. With sunflower seed oil and Shea butter, it left our parched palms ash-free, but not greasy, with a light lemongrass scent to boot. SpaRitual is all about healthy nail care with its line of nail polishes that are free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde. Its newest nail colors called Water (available in December), is a six-color palette of hues that will make you feel like you resting near a babbling brook with your cell phone shut down and out of sight. What could be a better way to slow down than that? (TV DivaGal)

SNIFF. Style just isn’t about the clothes you put on, or the makeup that’s perfect for your skin; it’s also about scents and how you smell, to not just yourself but others.┬á There’s nothing worse than a gorgeous woman, dressed to the nines, who smells “gawadawful!” It’s the equivalent of putting Christian Lacroix…on a skunk.┬á It’s important for a lady to have the right scent that matches and compliments her, that’s why I love Demeter perfume.┬á The Demeter fragrance library has over 100 perfumes in any and just about every scent you can imagine.┬áAnd yes, you should imagine.┬áLet’s say you want to smell like fresh red poppies on a beautiful day — they’ve got it.┬á Want to smell like fresh fallen snow on a cuddly winter night by the fire with your love? Demeter has it. How about my personal favorite, a field of lavender during sunset? You betcha, Demeter’s done it. You can also layer the perfumes with the new Demeter oils.┬áRoll the oil of your choice on the skin then spritz on their perfume: the combinations are endless! Here are a few for you: Lavender (oil) and Jasmine (spray); Pure Soap (oil) and Red Poppies (spray) and for the ultimate for a girl who loves to smell clean and fresh all day: Snow (oil) and Lilac (spray).┬áLayer these or others before you slip into that haute dress for the night.┬áDemeter will thank you, your nose will thank you, I will thank you and most important, those around you will thank you for “styling your skin.”
(Style Gal)

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