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This week in “GAL APPROVED” Limitless, protein-enriched conditioner, buying art and Gossip Girl — the bus tour!

SEE. Studies show that you only use 20 percent of your brain. What if you could use all of it? That’s the story behind Limitless. The Hangover‘s Bradley Cooper can remember everything he’s ever learned after he pops a pill that unleashes limitless brain power. And while doors he could only dream of walking through finally swing open, like with any drug, trouble follows, and coming off it can be, well, deadly. Being a Bradley fan, we kind of love him here, as the movie is told heavily through narrative. There are some scenes that will make you a tad squeamish (don’t eat a heavy meal before watching). Your boyfriend will dig this flick because it’s about a guy getting it all by being as smart as hell. Of course, we all know he’ll never be as smart as you. Limitless opens nationwide today. (Destination Divas)

CONDITION. We love our weave right up until the minute it’s time to take it out. While our hair hasn’t been manhandled over the past eight (12!) weeks, it hasn’t gotten anything else either ΓÇô like basic nutrients and moisture that help keep our hair healthy. “Your hair hasn’t been fortified for so long, there’s been no protein added,” explained Shannon King, SoftSheen-Carson’s Director of Education. “This is designed to keep hair from breaking by adding that back.” After visiting his office, he handed me fiery red bottles of SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Care Shampoo and Fortifying Conditioner, designed to help instant breakage reduction in damaged hair, and suggested that I give it a try on my short, tightly coiled curls. After a hardcore workout that left my hair dry and brittle, I stepped into the shower and used a generous portion of the shampoo. I was hesitant at first since my hair felt a little stiff while I was lathering up, but after the first rinse I could feel the difference: my hair had softened and I could run my wide-tooth comb through it. Then it was on to the conditioner. I used a generous quarter size, smoothing it to my edges, and then wrapped my hair in plastic to sit under a dryer and get some much needed penetration of the protein-enriched product. After 15 minutes I rinsed it out and voila, my hair was softer and dare I say it had sheen. I let it air dry for a bit before using my wide tooth comb to effortlessly rake through my kinks ΓÇô very few hairs came out on the comb ΓÇô and plaiting it for the night. The best part? When I went to my hairstylist, she said my hair felt fantastic. Nothing like a professional thumbs up! Learn more about the SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Care Shampoo and Fortifying Conditioner line at softsheencarson.com and download a $2 off coupon. (Style Gals)

EXPERIENCE. You know TV DivaGal loves Gossip Girl. So I was positively giddy over an invitation to hop the Gossip Girl Sites tour courtesy of On Location Tours, a three hour-plus bus ride through New York City to see the locations used in the tawdry CW series. Being a New Yorker, I thought I had seen it all. But who knew that the steps where Blair and the Mean Girls had their lunch while attending the Constance Billard School For Girls are actually the steps of The Museum of the City of New York. That didn’t stop us from visiting the Museum of Natural History, where our knowledgeable and comical tour guide Rachel told us private school girls really do eat lunch, and as if on cue, several young ladies in their plaid uniforms bounded up the staircase. Luckily, we didn’t spend all the time on the bus ΓÇô there are stops at Dylan’s Candy Bar (try the chocolate covered pretzels with peanut butter chips, ridiculous!), Henri Bendel’s department store and Mamoun’s Falafel, yum. The stops are super brief, so if you do plan to visit New York City and want to linger at them, I suggest doing the tour early in your vacation so you can revisit these haunts on your own time and leisure. For$40, plus a small handling fee, you’ll visit several sections of Manhattan you may have not been willing to do on your own. Be sure to enter our contest to win two tickets to the tour here. (TV DivaGal)

SHOP. What is more posh that being called an ΓÇ£art collectorΓÇ¥? Better question; how do I become a collector of art? The quick answer is that it means you attend art shows and auctions, and purchase works of art. If you really want to do it well, it also means that you cultivate relationships with reputable art dealers and up-and-coming artists. If you are in New York City this weekend, you have a prime opportunity to begin your foray into the world of art via ΓÇ£The Artist Project New YorkΓÇ¥ being held at Pier 92 on Manhattan’s West Side.

The Artist Project ΓÇ£presents a diverse and talented group of artists who are sensations in regional art capitals around the world to New York City. Self-representing artists from cities in Europe, Israel, Japan, Canada and the United States will present and sell a wide array of fine art,ΓÇ¥ said Reed McMillan, the show’s director. ΓÇ£The four-day fair provides collectors, art enthusiasts, dealers and curators face-to-face interaction with these fascinating artists who will converge in New York City for their first major showing.ΓÇ¥

The show is brimming with talent, and their works are exceptional. Whether you are a seasoned collector, or just dipping your toe in the water for the first time, you will find a piece worthy of purchase. Reed gave The DivaGals some tips to pass on to the uninitiated in buying art …

1. Buy only what you love.
2. Buy the best work that you can afford/in your price range.
3. Choose a cohesive theme for your collection.
4. Try to meet the artists and create a relationship with them. The Artist Project New York, and shows like it, is a great place to connect with artists and purchase art.

Now go out there and stimulate the economy! While you are in the neighborhood check out the Architectural Digest Show at Pier 94. Visit www.archdigesthomeshow.com for more information and tickets. (Luxe Gal)

photo credit: Relativity Media, SoftSheen-Carson, Lainy Productions, The Artist Project New York

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