GAL APPROVED Weekend: Iceberg Vodka, The Black Bra (History Lesson), Hot Iron Holster Miracle & Hotter Skarsgard!

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SEE. What Maisie Knew is a new movie based on the 19th century novel by Henry James. This rendition is remarkably current to its original theme: narcissists don’t change, so they just really shouldn’t become parents. A bittersweet survivor’s tale is spun around six-year-old Maisie (Onata Aprile), who is being used as a weapon of destruction between her parents (played by Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan) fighting for custody. However, the battle is not over who is the better parent or who loves Maisie more, but rather who can win. What wins us over is this brave little girl and her accidental caregivers: a hottie hot Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) in a brave vulnerable performance as hipster Lincoln, and Margo (Joanna Vanderham) the lovely blonde Scottish governess turned step-mother who provide Maisie the love, guidance and protection that her parental units seem to be lacking. This film is worth seeing for everyone to see how not to parent, but also witness the beautiful resilience of a child trying to make her parents feel okay in the midst of their ridiculous life choices. In limited release today.

DRINK. When you have a party, you need to serve some libations. That’s why the DivaGals turn to Iceberg Vodka, which is made from 12,000-year-old icebergs harvested off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. These icebergs float south from the Arctic and melt naturally when they meet the warmer waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This iceberg water is 7,000 times purer than tap water because it has been frozen since the ice age, which comes in handy for Iceberg Vodka’s latest flavors: Cucumber IceFusion, featuring natural cucumber essence; Cr├¿me Br├╗l├⌐e, which reminds us a little of Armaretto; and refreshing Chocolate Mint.

SAVED! (Editor’s Note: Do not try this at home; I already did!) At a recent editor showcase, we were introduced to the Hot Iron Holster, designed by a busy mom who needed a heat-resistant surface to safely rest her hair curling appliances on (no, the sink edge does not count). On a busy DivaGals night, I thought I had turned my curling iron off before I put it in my Hot Iron holster, which hangs over my cable box (I live in a NYC studio). I had not. When I came home from my festivities three hours later, the iron was still on — in the holster. While the holster itself was warm, none of the electronics around it were, and nothing was set on fire. For keeping my iron in check, and not letting it burn down my building, we give Hot Iron Holster a Diva-licious thumbs up.

CLEAN. Tide‘s portable little spot cleaners came in very handy when we needed to give a quick clean to our designer gown at the Pikolinos UN Gala we attended a few weeks back. Whew!

WATCH. One of our reigning DivaGals is a mom, and we’re pretty sure she’ll be watching Take Me to Your Mother, premiering on Nick Jr. May 6. The series stars comic and first-time mom Andrea Rosen who tours around the country as she meets different moms and gets advice on what it takes to raise a great kid.

FIT. The black bra is such a staple nowadays, it’s hard to believe that it was ever a shocker. The DivaGals got schooled when we visited the showroom of Chantelle, the 100-year-plus lingerie brand for discerning women. There we got a visual history of black lingerie throughout the decades, from the cone bras of decades past (before Madonna rocked one!) to the superior textiles used in bras today, many of which will be seen in Chantelle’s upcoming Fall 2013 collection. Chantelle has evolved with the times, providing us with fashion-forward pieces that support your very lovely and precious assets, and make them look fabulous! See more pics from the retrospective and explore their newest collections.


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