GAL APPROVED Weekend! The East Opens; Image’s Amazing Acne Solution; Where To Spot Leonardo DiCaprio!

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SEE. Patty On Site attended a private screening of The East, starring writer/newcomer Brit Marling , Alexander Skarsgard, Ellen Page, Toby Kebbell, Juila Ormond and Patricia Clarkson. Zal Batmanglu, Brit’s real-life boyfriend, co-wrote and directed the film. It’s is a suspenseful tale extreme group of nomad living anarchists who go to extreme lengths to prove how corrupt greedy corporations are in this country. Brit plays Sarah, an FBI agent hired to infiltrate the group to expose them as the dangerous extremists that they are.

As the opening credits rolled with actual footage of the Gulf oil spill and the killing of the world’s priceless wildfire, I thought it’s another tree hugging loud activist’s film. I was completely wrong. As the film unfolds the drama and inner personal relationship develop, you realize just how important the film’s message is. It’s a true twist and turns modern day thriller.

The brainchild of Zal and Brit, the events in the film were inspired by their summer experience of living a life of “buy nothing.” The couple lived and traveled with strangers who shared disaffection with consumer culture. They grew their own food, slept in sleeping bags and did not bathe on a regular basis. Brit recalls feeding from dumpster diving, because so much of this country’s so-called “waste” is actual bounty, like perfectly good food tossed out because it’s past the expiration date.

Brit and Zal didn’t set out to make a film as they lived with transients, but thought it would be interesting to add some of what they saw into the The East. I love a good back-story of a film. Loved U.K. native Toby Kebbell who plays Doc, an intellectual nerd. His performance, as was all the cast, was so believable, and he has such appeal that the audience feels for his troubled life. Another key reason to see this film is Brit, because she is that good. She adds intelligence to her acting, and her subtext has a smoldering quiet sense of thought: as a viewer, you feel she is always thinking and wonder what is happening beyond her eyes. Brit is a true actress for our generation.

If you are in the market to see some true talented acting mixed in with social commentary with strong thriller elements go see The East.

CLEANSE. I have been blessed with lots of wonderful attributes, but radiant skin has never been one of them. For the past 25 years, tiny pimples on my forehead have plagued my face. I imagined they would go away at 20, or 25 or 35, but no such luck. Until now! I recently started using a trial kit of Image Skincare for acne prone skin and noticed a difference in my skin the next day. My acne was still there, but my skin had a healthy and radiant glow! The trial kit for acne prone skin includes a Salicylic Gel Cleanser, medicated masque, medicated acne lotion and matte moisturizer to wear with makeup. The first thing I noticed about the products was the light, lemon scent, which is rare for products that combat acne. I love the cleanser, which leaves your skin feeling clean but not dry. The masque gets a perfect ten from me. It’s safe enough to use every other night and doesnΓÇÖt dry your skin out like other masks. Best of all, you only wear it for one minute. The matte moisturizer is another favorite and it helps your makeup stay in place. It also has SPF 32, which concerned me because lots of products with SPF 32 give women of color an ashy appearance, but not this one: sun protection without looking like a ghost? Heavenly! A little over a week into using Image and my skin still has the same healthy glow. Best of all, my 25-year relationship with acne may be over soon! There is a noticeable deceased in those little bumps all over my forehead. Thanks, Image!

VISIT. If you look like a model, you may want to book a stay at Sparkling Hill Resort. DISH has learned that Leonardo DiCaprio was offered a gift of a weeklong stay at the five-star luxury wellness resort in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, while at Cannes Film Festival 2013. The elegant spot boasts Swarovski crystal elements into every aspect of its design. Leonardo can stay in one of three penthouse suites, with access to a wide range of wellness treatments featured at the resortΓÇÖs world-renowned Kurspa that provides over 100 treatments, and the spa is only available to hotel guests. Rooms start at $300 per night. But meeting Leo? Priceless.



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