GAL APPROVED Weekend: Zombie Movies With a Twist; Super Bowl Hot Spot; Blackberry, Doggie & Lip Gloss Style!

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SEE. The premise of the new flick Warm Bodies is that love makes the world go round that it can even revive the undead. It’s a cool twist on the classic romantic comedy, and a play on the delicate heroine of classic horror films. Warm Bodies provides us with reasonable complements to Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart in its stars Nicholas Hoult, who plays R, and Teresa Palmer as Julie, who actually could be the blonde sister of Twilight‘s Kristin. After some unclear cataclysmic event, a zombie epidemic occurs, dividing the world between the dead and undead. But something odd happens when R develops a crush on the cute blonde. The film is charming, gross and at times scary … but we’re loving the underlining concept that love can conquer anything — even being undead. So yes it’s the perfect date movie: romance for you and gross scary stuff for your dude! Opening nationwide today.

SEE 2: Julie isn’t the only one dealing with undead bodies. In the sci-fi-ish flick John Dies At the End, David is finding out just what happens when you don’t “say no to drugs.” After taking a new drug called “soy sauce,” his best friend John is morphing, his other pals are becoming zombies (if they’re lucky) and out-of-this-world creatures are counting on him to save humanity ΓÇô well, sort of. This isn’t the most linear of stories, but with deadpan acting from star Chase Williamson, some great one-liners and Paul Giamatti (who’s great in EVERYTHING), it’s the second way this weekend to add a twist to the not-so-dead horror flick genre. In New York City? Catch special screenings with the film’s director Don Coscarelli at Landmark Sunshine Cinema on Feb. 1 and 2.

HUDDLE. OK, so TV DivaGal only watches one football game a year. But when I do, I want to watch in style. This year I’ve got The Royal on my radar. The new NYC hot spot is offering 43 LCD screens and Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner from The Knocks spinning all night, plus special surprise guests. Loving it! Make reservations at

PET. NY Fashion Week is days away, and everyone wants to be stylish – even the dogs! Entertainment Gal is a dog owner, guilty of spoiling my baby shameless. With Couture by Sophie, a haute couture fashion line for your own pampered pooch, I have something else to indulge her with. This is a true, fashion-influenced line of doggie wear made from top quality, luxury fabrics. Each season a new collection is unveiled that incorporates runway trends. This season is the Icons Collection with styles like the Cher, the Jennifer, the Cyndi, the Whitney and the Britney. The idea behind the collection was to incorporate the former life of company owner Jody Miller (pictured left) as a music publicist with her new one as doggie fashion designer. And lest you feel that you are “wasting” money by supporting Couture by Sophie, fear not because 10 percent of each sale goes to the  American Humane Association. If you have a little one like me, once you check out these cool threads, I dare you not to buy something!

inglot lip gloss

POUT. Life is full of surprises! Just when Image Gal thought I had seen it all, I got introduced to Inglot, a magnificent cosmetic line created by chemist Wojtek Inglot. Their cosmetics come in their super cool “Freedom System” magnetic packaging that allows you to build your own color palettes! I tried a shadow duo of gold with a grayish platinum that looks gorgeous on any skin. But I’m really in love with two iridescent glosses, #544 and #546 (there are so many colors at Inglot, they have to use numbers!), that make your lips voluptuous and glossy. The sparkles in the gloss show of the contours of your lips when the light hits just right. J’adore!

CONNECT. Luxe Gal is loving the Blackberry reboot with the Blackberry Z10. It’s got a good camera and gives sharp user interface. The drawbacks? It may take a minute to get all the cool apps that were built for the iPhone and Android. Blackberry Z10 has got a sleek touchscreen body with an up-to-date OS and 4G LTE support. It’s got a better keyboard and gives great voice chat, plus you’ll scream with joy over the Micro-HDMI port and 8-megapixel camera with built-in editing tools.

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