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By   |   February 23, 2016   |   Relationships

Hey DivaGals! Did you spend another Valentine’s Day alone? It’s time to start a new regimen and work your way . . . to Mr. Right!


Sameera Sullivan is founder of Lasting Connections, an elite dating service that offers in-depth, innovative and personalized custom matchmaking for busy executives. She’s been matching people since she was a child. Now she uses her Masters in Psychology to get behind the mindset of why people can’t find love BEFORE another futile search for the one.

We sat down with the outspoken dating guru to get her top tips on putting you in the right frame of mind — and on the right track ΓÇô to bring the right man into your life! Check out our mating workout below and start your program today!

Get Rid of Your Lists. “When you have a long list, it’s really limiting yourself from meeting people and meeting the right person,” Sameera shares. “Your soul mate could be any age or color, short or tall.” Sameera suggests having an open mind when you meet a new guy ΓÇô despite what qualities are on your list ΓÇô and see what he brings to the table.

Be Aware . . . Of Your Surroundings. Sameera believes you can meet a man anywhere, if you are paying attention. “You could meet somebody at Starbucks, but we’re all so busy looking at our cell phones,” she laments. “We’re on all these apps and on computers looking for people and then we bitch that we can’t find the right person, but we’re not even making eye contact with the person sitting next to us.” Sameera says try putting the phone down next time you are in line, and check out the guy who’s standing right in front of you.

DonΓÇÖt Forget To Be a Woman When You Can Be One. “Men still want women who are sensual, available and soft. As we get older, it can be harder to remember to be that way, especially if youΓÇÖve been single for a long time.” Sameera says it’s ok to enjoy your feminine side and let a man enjoy it as well. “Men want a woman who hasn’t forgotten her sensuality and knows how to make them feel needed,” she advises.

If You’re DelusionalΓǪ It Just Means You’re Not Ready. If you’re worried about tiny details every time you meet a man, like how he organizes his sock drawer, and you still refuse to compromise, you may not be ready for you soul mate. “If you really are ready for a relationship, you don’t put a lot of limitations on finding it,” she says. Take time to access whether you can commit to another person before you start looking for him. “You really just needs someone who makes you laugh and accepts you as you are.”

Ready to jump into your newest love regimen? You can join Sameera’s database at, her online matchmaking service. Best part? It’s free for women to join! Sameera will also launch, a map-based dating service, this spring.

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