Get Quick Results From Your Workouts With These Helpful Tips

By   |   July 11, 2017   |   Fitness

We all have busy lives and so many things to do, which means that we need to find the right exercise routine that does everything for us (and more!) in a short space of time. Your mindset is a big part of this Divas, and you need to have an intense focus in order to be a success at getting fit quickly. Here are some good ideas and ways to inject some urgency into your workout.

Plan Your Workout
This is probably the most underrated part of getting an effective workout. By planning your exercise routines before you head to the gym, it cuts down on pointless waiting time in-between exercises so you can keep going until you are unable to anymore. Also make sure you have the right gear: that means workout clothes, shoes and bags to carry everything in. Pack it the night before so you’re not searching for items and slowing yourself down. Check out some of our favorite items below to get you started.

Give It A HIIT
One of the secret ingredients of getting fit quickly is high-intensity interval training. Its many benefits include the fact that it burns calories after you finished exercising as well as during it, and they can be completed in a very short space of time. You can choose to do Tabata sprints, which takes roughly 20 minutes to complete, meaning you can schedule it into your day. Or you can do a longer and more intense workout routine like the ones popularized by Insanity such as T25. Be warned with high-intensity training, because it is just that: intense!

Change Your Normal Routines
The quickest way to gain muscle is to not be complacent in your workout routines but to actually confuse the muscle by doing many different sorts of exercises. You would roughly need to change your workout routine every six weeks for it to take effect but you could also embrace outdoor sports in combination with your standard indoor workouts, and you could make the most of exercising outdoors by investing in a bike. There are plenty of bikes that are suitable for off-road terrain as well as on flat surfaces. Looking at the hybrid bikes in 2017 list, there are plenty of different styles and models to suit amateurs and professional bikers alike. Also, by embracing the outdoors, it does make for a more interesting workout routine in comparison to your dull bench presses in the gym or runs on the treadmill.


Super Set Your Exercises
The Holy Grail of getting fit quick! Super setting your exercises, in other words doing two exercises one after the other, helps to reduce your time at the gym, it will also fatigue your muscles as quickly as possible. However, this does require a lot of hard work, and in order to allow a little bit of rest time for one part of your body, it is best to mix an upper body set with a lower body set. Don’t forget that rest is as important as time spent in the gym, and if you don’t recover properly before your next visit to the gym, you will find that you won’t be able to get fit as quick as you think. So eat plenty of protein and get lots of sleep!

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