#GETFIT: Try this Gym Apparatus For A Killa Workout!

By   |   November 3, 2015   |   Dish!, Entertainment

Hey DivaGals! The holidays are right around the corner, which means we need to burn even more mad calories to combat all those holiday sweet treats. But did you know there’s an oft overlooked fitness apparatus that can help you burn mad calories and sculpt your body lean? We’re talking about the BOSU.

BOSU, which stands for BOTH SIDES UP, was invented in 1999 by David Weck. It consists of an inflated rubber hemisphere attached to a rigid platform on its opposite side. Both hemispheres create instability when boy weight is placed upon it, forcing your core to engage in each and every move.

On the BOSU, you can do a cardio and/or weight-bearing exercises, and studies show you can burn up to 265 calories per 30-minute workout — comparable to a hardcore cardio-only workout — and BOSU makes your core work the entire time!

So where do you begin to learn some great moves on the BOSU? On YouTube, of course! Here are three of our fave online workouts!

GymRa’s Full Body BOSU Workout With Dumbbells. Once you get past the gorgeous models doing the workouts offered on this fitness channel, you can find some amazing programs (and these models know their form!). This program works every one of your muscles and if you do it twice through as recommended, you will feel every bit of it. Our fitness experts suggest adding a 5-minute-plus light cardio warm-up before engaging in this program. Also, BOSU itself will tell you not to stand on its rigid side, so for added safety, perform the moves demonstrated that way on the rubber side of the hemisphere (you’ll still feel it!).

Ferra Fitness Whole Body BOSU Routine. Former Mr. Australia Gennaro Ferra proves that major muscle can be maintained at any age (he’s 48!). Ferra demonstrates several cardio and strengthening moves that can help reshape your physique. Try adding it the end of an intense cardio routine. You’ll burn yourself out … in a good way!

BOSU Quick Pick Moves. Nothing like going to the original to get moves! The BOSU official websites shows proper ways to use the BOSU in several fitness disciplines, including Pilates, flexibility and partner workouts! Check out their YouTube channel to put together your dream program!

Get your BOSU at bosu.com.

photo credit: Shot at Mercedes Club NY


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