GETTING IN SHAPE 2012! Fitness Gal’s Lose Weight Fast Tips

By   |   January 4, 2012   |   Entertainment, Fitness

Fitness Gal is back with the hottest tips to help you lose weight fast!

Ah, the holidays! Fitness Gal had a blast hitting the Christmas parties and cruising the NORWEGIAN GEM for my New Year celebration. It was endless food 24 hours a day. I’m talking ribs and all types of beef, chicken, dessert and Caribbean fatness fun.

Throw in an open bar and no sense of discipline … naughty naughty! I boldly and proudly admit that I had a food/drink/water wave adventure.

I also admit that I have to face the music of getting back in shape.

Snap back to reality the FITNESS GIRL WAY. Here are my tips to lose weight fast. Follow these and you’ll feel more disciplined, focused and happy. Let us bounce back together.

Order of the week for Jan. 8, 2012:

SUGAR: none. Added that is. We’ll concentrate on natural sugars from fruit and other food sources. We’ll eat those before 2 p.m. daily so our body can utilize this natural energy source instead of storing those calories.

CARBS:┬á none. Starchy that is. Yes, this is dramatic, but it’s only for a week. So we’ll cut out starchy carbs like breads, cereals, potatoes, pasta. Don’t worry, we’ll add them back in moderation. But for this week, concentrate on your fibrous carbs like vegetables and fruit.

PROTEIN: plenty. As a major building block of the body, we’re going to make protein our friend this week.┬á Try chicken and turkey (no skin, please!), fish, nuts and lean red meats (if that’s ur flavor). You want to eat about 38 percent of your body weight in protein grams. So if you weigh 150 lbs. you should take in about 57 grams.

CARDIO: daily. Running, biking, dancing, walking up stairs — even if it annoys you — you got to get it, so┬ábuckle up! We’ll want at least 30 – 60 minutes of activity daily, and yes, you can sneak it in. Try taking three steps at a time squeezing the glutes when you do.

WEIGHTS: 3/3/3. Building muscle is important because the body burns more calories to maintain it. We’ll follow a 3/3/3 system: Three exercises; three sets (ten reps each); three times a week. Three moves to try:

Squat to Bicep Curl to Overhead Shoulder Press. With weights in either hand at the sides of your bod, squat down and stand up. Squeeze a bicep curl then extend hands over head. Bring hands back down to side of body and repeat.

Lunge to Back Squeeze to Tricep Extension. With weights on sides of body, step forward with right foot into a lunge. Bring arms up side of body squeezing elbows to the back. Extend hands behind you to work triceps. Drop hands, stand up and repeat on other leg.

Triple Abs. Lay on back, hands behind head. Raise shoulders off floor and squeeze elbows and knees together. In this position, extend right leg, then left. Bring knees back to elbows and then return to starting position. Repeat.


What fitness questions do you want solved this month? Send them to!

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