Getting In Shape 2012! The Figure Method

By   |   January 3, 2012   |   Entertainment, Fitness

It’s a New Year ΓÇô time for a Fit You! This month, the DivaGals kick off an entire month of health and wellness tips for Getting in Shape 2012 – mind, body and soul! First up? TV DivaGal works on a new body!

Being someone who kickboxes, lift weights and runs, I knew I needed to try something different to change my shape in 2012.  Time to try The Figure Method from Go Figure Studios, a new hybrid ballet barre-based fitness routine.

Invited to the New York City debut of the class inside American Ballet Theatre Studio, I met Cindy Sites, the former ballerina who founded Go Figure. She tells me this workout is all about lengthening and toning muscles.

With light weights, yoga blocks and yes, a ballet barre, Cindy and her team plan to take me through a nonstop barrage of lifts, squeezes and flexes, each designed to get inside my tiny, neglected muscles and elongate them to perfection.

We started on the floor with some basic warm-up movements. Then it was on to toning the arms. Cindy, a petite blonde who conjures up enormous energy, motivates you with a demanding but pleasant spirit, and watching her in action makes you want to push out that last set of reps.

The real killer is the barre work ΓÇô nearly 20 minutes of leg lifts and extensions; butt squeezes and hip rotation. It’s tough, especially with Cindy’s knowledgeable instructors adjusting your body so you do the movement in the right form (no cheating on these!).

Then it’s back to the floor for some more abs and glutes work. Sure it burns, but knowing you’ll have a sculpted midsection and a lifted booty is worth the tears.

I know what you’re thinking, “But I need to get my sweat on!”┬á There’s definitely a calorie burn in The Figure Method. You’ll be huffing and puffing in class, but not so drenched that you need to take a shower before you head back to work ΓÇô which makes it the perfect midday break.

“I want people to walk out feeling taller,” Cindy shared with me after class. And I did. With my leg stretched long, my chest lifted and my head feeling a whole lot clearer, I knew I could take on anything the rest of the day would bring with my head literally held a little higher. Two moves to try:

For Sculpted Thighs: Place a yoga block between your inner thighs. Grab the edge of a table and rise on your toes. Squeeze the block several times with inner thigh muscles.

For Flatter Abs: Lay on floor and put soles of feet together creating a diamond shape between legs. With hands behind head and elbows extended, squeeze abs and lift shoulders off floor to tighten ab muscles for several reps.

The Figure Method is offered in its Greenwich, Conn. flagship location (along with spinning classes), as well as the locations below. Visit for more information.




Greenwich, Conn.

New Canaan, Conn.

Westport, Conn.

Darien, Conn.

Armonk, N.Y.

Rye, N.Y.

Potomac, Md.

Opening soon:

Scarsdale, N.Y.

Scottsdale, Ariz.

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