Hot Gifts from the GBK Golden Globes Lounge!

By   |   January 23, 2013   |   Entertainment, Gals On The Town

Finally recovered from the Golden Globes, Entertainment Gal fills us in on some of the hot gifts celebrities scored inside the GBK Gift Lounge, hosted at the LΓÇÖErmitage Beverly Hills!

Bella Berries
Bella Berries is a fruit compote made from every kind of ΓÇ£berryΓÇ¥ you can think of: cherries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries are all included. It was named after the makersΓÇÖ daughter, Ella Bella who was at the GBK Gift Suite encouraging everyone to taste a spoon. Since I am on a diet I used my self-control to resist temptation but I must admit it was really, really hard. Oprah featured the product on The O List in November 2012. However, the manufacturer is doing more than just making a great product. They are also giving back by partnering with Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company to make chocolate bars filled with Bella Berries compote. The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company uses cocoa beans grown in Ghana on family farms to make chocolate in a Ghanaian factory. It is the only chocolate factory in Ghana. By keeping the entire process in Ghana, the local producers have higher revenues and local workers have higher wages. You can find out more information about The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company at You can find out more information about Bella Berries and purchase a jar at

What happens when you canΓÇÖt find the perfect gift for your father? If you are Ilan Srulovicz, you make one and create a new brand in the process. The first Egard watch was gift from Ilan to his dad. From there he decided to share his vision of what menΓÇÖs watches could be and Egard was born. It is built around luxury and quality, and the idea that a manΓÇÖs watch should be an heirloom to pass down from father to son. Currently there are four styles — all have 3D dials and are water resistant. Ladies donΓÇÖt despair; a womenΓÇÖs line is due out in six months. I know you might be wondering why you would pay so much for a watch, but as Entertainment Gal just bought her first high end watch a few months ago, trust me, it is so worth the extra money. The quality is so much better, plus you look and feel so much more glamorous, like paparazzi should be checking for you! Having seen and felt the menΓÇÖs watches, I canΓÇÖt wait to see what Ilan designs for the women. I cannot do them any justice in a description, so please check them out for yourself.

The Sami AKA Laplanders have been making jewelry from vegetable tanned reindeer leather for generations. These handmade pieces, primarily bracelets, showcase outstanding workmanship in their detailed and intricate designs made of braids of pewter and copper wire. Additionally, the bracelets have accents of silk, glass, Swarovski crystals, silver and gold. In testament to their origins as an artisan product, the bracelet clasps are buttons made from hand-carved reindeer antlers. The bracelets are sold in 20 countries and on Etsy. Find out more about the jewelry trend sweeping Hollywood: Sheryl Crow is a longtime fan and Steven Tyler was recently photographed wearing one. You can purchase your own at

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