How To Be Part Of A Fitness Couple (Follow These Tips To Be Fit & In Love!)

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Divas! Do you love physical fitness? Are you a health fanatic and do you constantly watch everything that you consume? You might love spending hours at a time at the gym pumping those muscles and keeping that stomach perfectly toned. While some love to workout to stay in shape, others are just incredibly energetic and love working up a sweat. 

Think about how much more fun it would be if you had a partner who loves working out too, and you became a fitness power couple together – just like Gabrielle Union and her devoted husband Dwyane Wade.

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone to head to the gym with at the same time, go on fitness-oriented travel trips or just enjoy a run together? It’s useful if your goals overlap but it’s not crucial. While they do say opposites attract, we’re not sure that’s always true. If he’s a couch potato who loves Fortnight and you’re a yoga goddess who hits the gym every weekend, how long’s it going to last? Let’s find you a man who pumps his iron on the daily!

First You Have To Find Them! Yes, the first step and indeed the challenge is always going to be to find the right partner for you. You might think that this is as simple as hitting Tinder and putting fitness into your profile. That’s probably not the key. People on Tinder are typically only after one thing and it’s not a shared trip to the gym. This can be frustrating but it’s a reality that you have to come to terms with. You’re more likely to get compliments on your hot bod than get questions about your workout routine. If you’re looking for something more, then you need to consider another tactic. 

Our recommendation? You need to make sure that you are setting up social media profiles and start using them to promote your fitness journey. For instance, you can get started with Instagram, where you can publish images of your progression as well as videos of your exercise routine. If you’re lucky, you’ll get follows from similar fitness fanatics and it’s possible that at least a few could have the potential to become a partner. That’s exactly what we want. Generally, a power fitness fanatic is going to have plenty of images and videos of their workouts and their achievements on social media. 

If you don’t want to wait for the right match to pop up on social media, you could look for the right one at the gym. What’s cool is this person is already going to be on your fitness schedule. And the fact that you’re a fitness junkie like them is probably going to be enough to kick off that first conversation.

FYI: There are events and clubs that collide fitness with dating. You can explore these possibilities at your local gym and perhaps sign up for one yourself. 

Get Started With A Workout Date! Once you find someone with potential, it’s time to jump in and build up a sweat together. We mean that literally too because it can all start with a gym date. Is this crazy? Not really, because it’s actually better than the typical trip to see a film or a meal at a restaurant. It’s difficult to have a great convo in a cinema where you’re expected to be quiet. At the gym, you can walk together on the treadmill and talk. Or, you can lift weights and spot each other while talking about your shared interests or perhaps your workout routines. Could the gym date be the perfect first encounter? You heard it here first! 

Plan Fitness Fun Together. If the first date is a success, then you can start realizing the full benefits of being part of a fitness power couple. You can workout together, discover new fitness apps together and plan healthy meals together. Working out with a partner will help you succeed more with your fitness goals and challenges. You’ll find that they push you further than you thought possible and that you do accomplish great things together. The sky’s the limit when you’re a fitness power couple. You could even rise to the top of the industry and become major players in the fitness world. People find fitness power couples inspiring and fascinating so if you’re looking to monetize your social media profile, this could definitely be the way to do it. 

Or maybe you’re just be looking to build a relationship that is going to go the distance. As a fitness couple, you’ll have shared goals and ambitions as well as a way to spend time together that you will both enjoy!

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