HOW-TO Create A New Network! Introducing Kollide TV

By   |   January 14, 2016   |   Dish!, Entertainment

Hey DivaGals! This Thursday we’re chatting with Lateef Sarnor, the creator of Kollide TV. This new online television platform is aiming to become the multicultural version of YouTube. But let us let Lateef tell you what Kollide is all about!

What is Kollide TV?

It’s an online video platform geared toward the multicultural community. It gives users an opportunity to develop original (digital) content.

What is the difference between this and BET or YouTube?

BET is more concerned with ratings. Kollide TV is more flexible and focuses on all minorities, not just blacks. YouTube is ubiqidous, whereas K-TV is a little more curated and a little more professional.

Why did you want to gear this more toward the multicultural audience?

Some of the most successful films are driven by multicultural audiences. Also, I wanted the content to be more diverse.

Where do you see this company being in five to 10 years?

I want it to be thought of as one of the leading/streaming platforms out there. I want it to be aligned with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.

How do you plan on curating an audience?

I plan to market and build a brand through marketing. I also plan to use social platforms and partnerships.

What is some of the most popular programming you have on K-TV?

We have a few scripted shows and comedies. We also have a few stories about overcoming adversity. A few of our programs deal with fashion and beauty as well.

What are some of the characteristics of people who are applicable to create content for the sight?

We’re looking for strong and colorful personalities. We also want people with stories that resonate with viewers. And people who are open to anything.

How can content creators benefit from using this website?

All of the revenue we get is split. We get money from advertising, and we distribute it to everyone who is involved.

What are the perks for subscribers?

It is only $3 a month to subscribe, which is much cheaper than any other video streaming website.

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